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Death vs Monstars Instructions

Move Death around with your mouse - he'll shoot automatically, so there's no need for spastic clicking. Click and hold the left mouse button to strafe, double-click the left mouse button when your anger bar is fully charged to drop a bomb, and hold spacebar to use bullet-time. Purchase upgrades in between rounds and hit CTRL or the P key to pause the game at any time.

Death vs Monstars Walkthrough

Death vs Monstars is an interesting flash game that's unlike any other you've ever played. For starters, you'll be in control of Death - and it's up to Death to stop the swarms and hordes of Monstars from taking over the world. Unfortunately for Death, that means taking each and every monstar out by hand - but it's a lot of fun for the player.

You'll start out Death vs Monstars on the easiest level - The Young Mr. Death. In it, you'll only have to destroy 100 monstars (a counter displays how many monstars are left in the top-left portion of the level screen), but it's still difficult due to Death's profound weakness at the start of the game. Through beating levels, crushing enemies, and collecting the money they drop, you'll be able to upgrade Death's stats and weapons, and you'll actually be able to put up a fight as the game goes on.

But there are a few things you should get used to first before taking on the final boss of this shooting game. For starters, the aiming (and shooting) system in Death vs Monstars isn't exactly easy to pick up. Instead of aiming with your mouse, you'll control Death with your mouse - and he'll be set to auto-fire at all times. So, by rotating your mouse around Death, you'll be able to shoot at enemies in any direction - but it takes some time to get used familiar with.

As long as you use bullet-time, stat upgrades, new weapons, and bombs effectively, you'll do fine in this particular shooting game. The gameplay in Death vs Monstars is surprisingly original, and it's definitely satisfying. Even after beating the game, this shooting game has a lot of replay value - and it's one flash game any avid gamer should at least check out.