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Rating: 4.5/5 stars (26 ratings)

Deadswitch Instructions

Deadswitch is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the WASD keys to move and the mouse to aim and to shoot. The Q key switches between weapons, the R key reloads your current weapon, and the G key drops your weapon. Press the shift key to quickly switch to melee attacks. Use the E key to interact with objects and pick up weapons. The P key pauses the game.

Deadswitch Walkthrough

Deadswitch is an action-oriented zombie shooting game. This zombie game features a plethora of weapons, six modes of gameplay, and spectacular graphics!

The five modes of gameplay available in Deadswitch are Tutorial, Deathmatch, Defender, Undead Survival, Chaos Arena, and Free Mode. Tutorial Mode contains tutorials to help you to learn the basics of the game. Free Mode is also useful for practicing the controls and experimenting with various weapons. Deathmatch mode is is similar to deathmatch found in multiplayer first-person shooting games, except that here it is played against computer-controlled bots. The first contender to reach the score limit wins the match in this gameplay mode.

The three gameplay modes that really shine in this shooting game are Defender, Undead Survival, and Chaos Arena. In Defender Mode, your objective is to protect a key structure from endless waves of zombies. Survival Mode is similar to Defender Mode, but instead of protecting a structure, your objective is merely to save your own skin and stay alive for as long as possible! Chaos Arena is similar to Survival Mode, except that you are given a choice of one powerup at the beginning to enhance your performance and three weapons.

Deadswitch is an outstanding shooting game with a lot to offer. The only major downfall is its lack of a story mode or campaign. The game opens with a cutscene that would seemingly lead up to a story, but there is no story-based gameplay mode to be found. This is a major letdown, but Deadswitch is still a very entertaining shooting game, especially for gamers that would rather jump right into the action than spend time watching cutscenes or reading walls of text.

Deadswitch is a superb shooting game that lets players slaughter zombies without having to to worry about organizing search parties or scavenge items like other survival horror zombie games. The lack of a story mode or campaign might be disappointing to some, but gamers that prefer to dive right into the action will have a blast!