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Rating: 4.15/5 stars (13 ratings)

DAZ3.5 Instructions

Control your hero with the WASD keys; use the Q key to cycle through your weapons, and the E key to reload any gun that needs ammo. Destroy a set amount of enemies in each round, and, as they expire, pick up new weapons - that will upgrade as you use them - to fight the occasional bosses you'll come across.

DAZ3.5 Walkthrough

DAZ3.5 is a zombie shooting game that is just like Resident Evil 4 - so if you know that game, or how the gameplay works, you'll know what to do here. With twenty levels to play through, and only a limited amount of life, DAZ (short for Destroy All Zombies) is an addicting game that you won't want to stop playing.

The levels start out easy enough, and once you've beaten a level - and quit playing the game - you'll be able to return to it through the main menu. But, as the levels go on, you'll have to destroy larger amount of enemies to beat them. And, after so many levels, you'll have a boss fight on your hands.

Boss fights in DAZ3.5 aren't exactly easy. Not only will you have to use up a ton of ammo just to stand a chance, but also you'll have to fend off the regular enemies (zombies, mummies, rats) while attacking the boss. Later bosses in the game are next to impossible because the enemies you'll have to fight, along with them, are so strong.

But, if you can strafe and move quickly - which isn't too difficult in this shooting game - you should be able to avoid any enemy out to get you. Even though enemies will swarm, especially in later parts of the game, it's a good idea to round them up and take them out as a group. You'll definitely want to stock up on shotgun and machine gun ammo, when dealing with large groups - and revolver ammo for bosses. Overall, DAZ is a fun and engaging zombie shooting game - just make sure you're not too slow, or else enemies will get the jump on you.