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Days2Die Instructions

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control your character in this zombie apocalypse. Aim with your mouse, click the left mouse button to shoot, and keep in mind that you can move and place barriers with your mouse as well. Hit E to fix barricades, I to access your inventory, hit spacebar to jump, and hold down shift while walking to run. Pressing any of the 1-4 number keys will cycle through your available weapons - use them effectively so you won't get eaten alive.

Days2Die Walkthrough

Days2Die is an exciting shooting game that will push you to your limit when it comes to avoiding, killing, and rounding up zombies. You'll start out in an easy enough level - a small house - and slowly learn to play the game. The most important aspect of Days2Die you'll need to understand is how important barriers are. Without them, zombies will be able to run right up to you (they move quite fast), and with them, you'll be able to take an ample amount of time before getting rid of them.

As you get rid of more and more zombies, you'll have more cash to spend on upgrades and weapons. When you've got enough money, you can actually hire a mercenary to help you in the fight against the undead; they're expensive, but they're worth it. Once a level is completed, you'll be able to purchase new weapons (and equip them) for the next round.

Each stage - the first being a small house - has a time limit you'll have to beat before you move onto the next. For example, you'll have to survive 4 waves (4 days) in the first stage before you can move onto the second. And, although it may seem like a long time, the longer you're in a stage, the easier it'll get - if you spend your money right, that is.

Days2Die is a great zombie-themed shooting game that plays like a retail game. Even though a lot of the weapons you'll have access to at the beginning of the game aren't that exciting, they only get better (and a whole lot bigger) as the game goes on. See how long you can last in this survival horror shooting game, and see how many zombies you can rid the world of.