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D-403: Journey of a Service Droid Instructions

Move and control your droid with the arrow keys; hit the spacebar to toggle your current weapon, press the S key to fire your main weapon, and throw a bomb with the A key. Press the N key to toggle sound effects, and the M key to toggle in-game music.

D-403: Journey of a Service Droid Walkthrough

D-403: Journey of a Service Droid is a creatively fresh and unique flash game with equal amounts of platforming, shooting, and solving tricky puzzles. In it, you'll control D-403, a simple service droid that can jump on platforms, shoot at enemies, but can only take so much damage. In each level, you'll run into hordes of insects, rogue robots, and flying enemies.

But, if you can avoid them all - or take them out with your gun, you should be fine in this shooting game. You'll also be able to throw powerful grenades, which end up being pretty invaluable since they can take out almost enemy. But, of course, you can only carry up to 5 at a time, so use them sparingly.

So, besides blobs, rogue robots, and flying insects, you'll also have to deal with block puzzles, pits of acid, and trap guns as you make your way across the wastes. And, although the levels in D-403: Journey of a Service Droid become more complex (and difficult) as the game goes on, they're definitely enjoyable. You'll be able to upgrade your gun, with random upgrades you'll find on the ground, and it makes defeating certain enemies much easier.

With a lot of platforming challenges, as well as block puzzles, and lots of traps, D-403: Journey of a Service Droid is a fun platforming and shooting game with tons of levels. And, once you complete a level, you'll be given a password - so you'll be able to resume your progress if you ever want to take a break.