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Cursor Chaos Instructions

Use the arrow keys to maneuver spaceships, drive cars, and control lasers. The spacebar will allow you to shoot, jump, and water plants as needed - use it as an action button.

Cursor Chaos Walkthrough

Cursor Chaos is a mini-game intensive flash game that will test your reflexes, cognitive reasoning, and ability to destroy certain objects within seconds. Not to mention the fact that Cursor Chaos has pristine graphics, great music, and 42 mini-games that you'll have to make it through, that is, if you want to make it on the highscore board.

You'll start out Cursor Chaos with 7 lives, and once they're used up, you'll have to start all over from the beginning. But, it's not like that's a bad thing either - this game is extremely fun to play. If you take too long in a certain mini-game, you'll lose a life, while failing a mini-game outright (crashing a car or a spaceship) will immediately cost you a life. As you complete the first round of mini-games, you'll move on to the medium difficulty round, and if you can complete that, then the hard difficulty mini-games await you.

If you can complete every round of mini-games in Cursor Chaos, you'll be able to submit your score (the length of time it took you to complete the game) to a highscore board, but each time you lose a life, you'll get a 20 second penalty per life to your overall score.

With shooting games, simple reaction games, and puzzles games, Cursor Chaos is designed to make you think - and act, fast. One of the shooting games is actually a smaller version of Space Invaders, while another shooting game involves destroying a set number of beer bottles as quickly as you can. Overall, Cursor Chaos is a unique flash game - full of mini-games - with great graphics, great music, and fantastic gameplay. It's the ultimate time waster, and a lot of fun for anyone who likes to play a variety of different games.