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Cursor Attack 3 Instructions

The control scheme of this fun filled game is very easy to handle and straightforward. You just need to use your mouse to move the cursor and the left and right keys for rotating your cursor. And when you are all set to hit a target sphere ripe for orb collection, the left click button should get the job done.

Cursor Attack 3 Walkthrough

Cursor Attack 3 - this is an excellent combination of puzzle and shooting game where the objective is to collect all of the orbs to be found in the 55 different levels. What makes this game unique is that one challenge varies from the other. Some of the levels require quick thinking skills and brain power. On the other hand, other levels need a really steady hand for you to complete them.

More niceties: changeable background, full save game features, 10 enemy spheres that will do everything to stop you in your tracks, with these and more, you are guaranteed to enjoy variety and a great time with this puzzle and shooting game Cursor Attack 3. You'd be stupid not to try this game out!

There are some reminders that you need to keep in mind if you want to finish all 25 levels:

- Steer clear from the walls. Hitting them would mean instant death!

- See those spheres? Yeah? Good! Hit the left click button and shoot them down. This will release the orbs that you need to collect to complete the game.

HOWEVER, there is one orb that you need to stay away from. The green sphere. Do NOT shoot it! Do NOT touch it. When you do, it will take away all of your orbs. Even worse, if you don't have any orbs, it will instantly kill you.

- Meteors, shooting orbs - you got to avoid these guys at all costs. Again, if they do touch you or you get hit by their bullets, you will die with a crash!

- Along with that, there are also clouds. When you shoot these clouds, they will grow bigger and it will obstruct your view, making it harder for you to move and dodge hazards. BUT don't worry if you accidentally shoot one. It will deflate after some time. Before it does, just always be on the safe side.

- Also, you will encounter bombs in different stages. Needless to say, do NOT touch these. Along with that, shooting them would make them explode and release shrapnels. You need to avoid these, too if you want to see daylight.

Whew! That's a lot. Well, here's the bottom line: this puzzle and shooting game - Cursor Attack 3, has a lot of challenges in store for you. You will definitely enjoy it whether you are an avid shooting gamer or someone who just wants to kill time.