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Crusade Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Select the power of your shot by clicking and dragging the indicator along the strength meter. Choose the type of cannon to use for your shot by clicking the selector arrows with the left mouse button.

Crusade Walkthrough

Crusade is an excellent and addictive physics shooting game in which you have to use your wits to solve the puzzles presented to you in each level. The premise of the game is fairly basic and easy to understand. Europe is under attack by monsters and you need to defend it using your cannon. As you progress in the game you're given new types of cannons and new types of ammo, but you're also given challenges that get progressively harder. Reaching the end is no easy task, but it's one worth shooting for. This is a game that offers a level playing field from the very beginning for newcomers to shooting games and more experienced users as shooting skills have little to do with how well you will fare in this game. This game is all about logic, planning and learning from your mistakes. You control every aspect of your shot as you would with most physics shooting games, but the controls of this one are a little less complicated than the controls in other games in the genre. That doesn't necessarily make the game any easier, rather simply making it easier to understand. The graphics are entertaining as well and, unlike many other physics shooting games, you aren't continuously shooting at the same type of enemy, making it a little more playable for extended periods of time. It can get fairly difficult but stick with it. The real joy of this game is how challenging it can be. There isn't a single level in this game that can't be beaten.

Crusade isn't a hard game to understand. Basically, you are positioned on the left of the screen with a cannon. Your enemies are on the right of the screen positioned on structures made out of various obstacles. Your goal is to take out as many of your enemies as you can by either hitting them with your cannon fire or by knocking them off of their structure. It isn't as easy as aiming and shooting though. You're only shown your enemy's structure for a few moments at the beginning of the level before you're taken to your base at the left side of the screen. You'll only be able to see your enemy's structure again when you fire a shot. Use the few moments you have at the beginning to plan your shot. Look at where the enemies are positioned and the type of ammo you have. Figure out where you'll need your shots to hit and what angle you'll need to use to get your shots there. Remember, you don't have to destroy their structure entirely, you just need to knock down or hit all of the enemies.

Crusade is probably at it's best when it's at it's most challenging. The first few levels are fairly simple, but the further you get in the game, the more difficult it becomes. More experienced and skilled physics shooting game players are going to love how challenging the game can be while beginners won't feel overwhelmed or get frustrated to the point that they no longer want to play. That's really the greatest benefit of this game. It can be hard, but it never feels impossible. If you pay attention to the angle and strength of your shot even if you shot isn't successful, you can learn from your mistake and adjust your shot accordingly. This is really the best way to get through the game. If you shoot to low the first time, you'll be able to see that if you're watching your shot. When you're back at the starting line, raise the angle of your shot and, if necessary, use more force. More force will give you more height. This is also important to remember if you got too much height on your shot and your ammo sailed over your enemies without hitting them at all. Your angle may be right but you may have used more power. You can either aim lower and use the same power or just reduce the force of your shot.

Crusade is played entirely with the mouse so newcomers to physics shooting games should have no trouble getting used to the controls. In addition, you are given a slider bar (shown at the center of the bottom of the screen) you will be using to select the strength of your shot. This is much easier that having to watch a power meter that increases and decreases and trying to click when the power meter displays the strength you want. For many newcomers, that's a hard thing to do. You have to be precise with your click. In this game, however, you simply need to click the indicator and drag it into position. More experienced players may find this game a bit too simplistic for that reason, at least in the beginning, but as they progress, they will appreciate the fact that they can focus more on the angle of their shot; helping them more effectively accomplish their goals.

As you play Crusade, you'll be given new types of ammo and new types of cannons which can make things a bit more challenging. This is something you don't often see in physics shooting games. You'll need to factor these new ammo and cannon types into your strategy for each level. Your ammo is shown at the bottom of the screen to the right of your score. There are arrows on either side of your ammo. If you have more than one type of ammo, you'll be able to select the best ammo for your shot by clicking on the arrows. In the beginning, you'll just have your basic cannonball. That will be followed by a new type of cannon that will allow you to shoot three cannonballs at once. You'll then have larger cannonballs capable of delivering more damage per shot to your enemy structure. You might feel a bit unprepared when you're faced with using arrows instead of cannonballs, but in all honesty, they're not really that much different. Arrows can deliver a fair bit of damage per shot. The best way to get used to arrows is to take a few shots with them and see how they work. If you feel you've wasted too many shots, you can simply reset the level and start again fresh.

Crusade also offers you the chance to build and edit your own level. This is perhaps one of the best things about this physics shooting game. You are able to build a level as easy or as difficult as you'd like using all of the obstacles you will confront while taking out your enemies in the actual game. Not only does this allow you to be creative and set your own level of challenge, but it also allows you to get used to different types of obstacles and different types of enemies. If you're having trouble with a certain level in the game because of a particular obstacle or because you're having trouble with a particular type of ammo, try recreating the level you're having trouble with in 'editor' mode and practice there. When you're feeling a bit more confident, return to the game and try again.

Overall, Crusade is an excellent physics shooting game that will keep you playing level after level, even if just to see what the game throws at you next. It starts off easy enough that any player, regardless of skill or experience level, will be able to get the hang of how the game is played. As the game gets harder, newcomers to physics shooting games are likely going to have a hard time getting through the levels, but with patience, practice and attention to detail, even newcomers should be able to make it through the whole game. If you're a fan of physics shooting games or puzzle games, this is definitely a game you need to try.