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cronusX Instructions

Maneuver your spaceship with the WASD or arrow keys - point and click to shoot, and hold down the left-mouse button to auto-fire. Hit the P key to pause the game at any time, and as you defeat enemy aliens, pick up power-ups to increase your chances of survival

cronusX Walkthrough

cronusX is a space-themed shooting game where you won't just be destroying asteroids, but alien scouts and fighters as well. The first few levels you'll play through are simple enough: destroy the asteroids surrounding you (they'll get smaller and smaller as you shoot at them, eventually disappearing) and try not to get hit. The total amount of life your ship has can be found in the top-left corner of the screen, and each time you complete a level, you'll get 25% restored.

But, as the levels go on, they'll get harder - and you'll have to destroy more than just asteroids. The good news is you can't gain power-ups from asteroids - but you can pick them up after destroying enemy spacecraft. So, as you continue to play this shooting game, your ship can only get stronger and stronger. Once you have an array of weapons, hit the spacebar to swap through them - some are more effective on certain enemies.

Where other space-themed shooting games are boring, and repetitive, cronusX manages to stay fresh and innovative with new enemies, level objectives, and a progressive difficulty that won't give you a break. The weapon combinations you'll come across are fun to tinker with as well, and if come across a power-up you don't need, try shooting it - it will change into a different type of power-up instantly.

Overall, cronusX is a shooting game that any gamer will enjoy. Even though it does get pretty difficult, anyone who plays it from the start - and gets used to the controls and weapon system - should have no problem making it far. With tons of levels to venture through, this is one space shooter you'll want to keep playing.