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Counter-Snipe Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Shoot with the left mouse button. Scroll with the mouse. Zoom in or out with 'space'.

Counter-Snipe Walkthrough

Counter-Snipe is an excellent first person shooting game in which you are challenged to take out as many enemy soldiers as you can before you run out of time. You can play in either single player or multiplayer mode, but if you are new to first person shooting games, it's a better idea to play the game for a while in single player mode so you can get the hang of how the game is played and get more familiar with the controls. While the game attempts to match you with players at your level, that isn't always possible and if you're having a hard time even in single player mode, you're almost guaranteed to have a hard time in multiplayer mode. Take some time to hone your skills first and then jump into some multiplayer butt kicking.

The upgrades that you can buy in Counter-Snipe are vital if you want to get anywhere in Multiplayer mode. With nine excellent weapons you can purchase plus one premium weapon as well as many choice upgrades for each weapon to make them perform better. To earn money you need to take out your enemies in multiplayer mode. This can mean it's a bit challenging for beginners to get the upgrades they need to perform well in the game. For beginners, it's more important to focus on building your sniping skills with your basic rifle before you even think about upgrades. While you'll need them to get anywhere in multiplayer mode, worry about that when the time comes. Take a few losses in multiplayer mode if you have to but use that chance to save money for the upgrades you need.

In Counter-Snipe, the bipod is an essential upgrade regardless of what gun you're using. It reduces the sway of your gun and makes it much easier to take a good, clean shot at your enemy. The recoil pad is also vital. It reduces the kickback from your weapon make it easier to increase your rate of fire. You won't have to worry as much about finding your target again which is incredibly important in a fast paced multiplayer game. The suppressor is also a great tool for multiplayer games. The suppressor reduces the damage your shot will inflict on your enemy, but it will also hide the flash from your muzzle and muffle the sound of your shot making it harder for your enemy to find you. That said, there's nothing to say your opponent won't also have this upgrade. For that reason, the thermal scope is a great idea. Instead of using your regular scope, your weapon will be equipped with a thermal imaging scope making it easier to flush out an enemy with a suppressor on their weapon. High cap mags are also a great upgrade, but in the grand scheme of things are likely the least desirable upgrade you can purchase. This upgrade will allow you double the ammo in each clip. Great to have and worth purchasing, but save this one for last.

When you're in the armory in Counter-Snipe and you're considering purchasing a new weapon, it's important to look at the stats of that weapon. This is probably the best tip I can give you for this game. The weapon stats are shown in the upper right corner of the gun screen. You'll see stats for bolt action, damage, zoom and handling. Don't just look for the weapon that delivers the most damage. Look for a gun that is strong where you shooting skills are week. If you have trouble with handling a weapon as most beginners do, look for a gun that is rated 'easy' for handling, even if it doesn't deliver much damage. A weapon that delivers a lot of damage is great, but not of much use if you can't handle the gun. For beginners, the Remington M24 is a great weapon. It delivers medium damage and offers medium handling. Pick this baby up and upgrade it and you have yourself a great weapon.

Overall, Counter-Snipe is an excellent first person shooting game that will grab your attention from the very beginning and hold it to the very end. Beginners are going to have a hard time with this one, but if you're just starting out with first person shooting games, take a little time to develop your skills in single player mode and you should do time. Buying extra items for your gun is vital if you want to succeed though, so make sure you take the time to visit the armory. Also, it's important to make sure you buy a weapon that's a good fit for your skill level. It might take a little thinking but it will help you get further in the game. This is a difficult game but it's also a wildly entertaining one. Experienced players are going to love the option to choose multiplayer mode and will love the challenge the game offers while newcomers will love the chance to hone their skills before things get really hard. This is a great game any fan of first person shooting games needs to play at least once.