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Condottiero Instructions

Move your mouse and click on specific actions with the left mouse button. Interact with villagers, merchants, and soldiers in South America - press spacebar to see your mission objectives, and a local map. Pressing the T key will show you what time and day it is.

Condottiero Walkthrough

Condottiero is a special type of flash game. It's the kind that will take some time to play, and lots of patience. Simply put, you're an assassin looking for a military general in South America - he's your target, but you've got very limited resources. You'll start the game out in a safe house, after picking your ideal assassin, and depending on how much energy you have, you can either rest, or press spacebar (to bring up a local map) and start looking for a gun.

As the game initially gives you a briefing, your first and foremost objective is finding a securing a weapon. Although you would normally be able to find one at the market, which you can immediately travel to, it's not that easy. So, you'll have to search around town - converse with the locals - until you find exactly what you need.

Most of the gameplay in Condottiero takes the form of conversation. To get what you want, you'll have to talk to others - and say what they want you to hear. And, even if you get into a bad situation (at the military base, for instance) you can usually talk your way out of it, and get out of harm's way.

Overall, Condottiero is a great whodunit type of flash game, and although doesn't have many action elements that most shooting games would have, it's just as fun as any other shooting game you've ever played. If you do end up getting stuck, there is an in-game walkthrough the game can link you to - but, when in doubt, just remember to keep your assassin well rested, and make sure that you scour every area in the village.