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Chute Defense Instructions

Buy, place and upgrade defense mechanisms with the mouse and the left mouse button.

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Chute Defense is an excellent tower defense shooting game that will challenge you to create the strongest line of defense you can create while taking out all of the aliens trying to invade earth. The premise is fairly common in the genre of tower defense shooting games but that doesn't make this game any less addictive or any less fun. This truly challenging game will have you hooked from the very beginning as you try to defend yourself against wave after wave of aliens that increase in both strength and number as the game progresses. You'll need to build towers to defend against air and ground attackers in this challenging and fast paced tower defense shooting game.

The basic premise of Chute Defense is fairly easy to understand. You are charged with defending Space Station Xorbe which is the last line of defense between earth and a horde of invading aliens. If you allow the station, you will not only lose the game but you will also allow the aliens to make it their staging ground for their attack on earth. No one wants that on their shoulders. To prevent that from happening, you will be building all manner of defense mechanisms that will be used to keep the station safe. You have limited money when you begin the game so you will need to be careful with the defenses your purchase. You don't need to go all out to defend against the first few waves of aliens and although it's tempting to build the strongest line of defense right from the start, you'll need to save money for when things start getting more difficult.

All of the aliens you'll be facing off against in Chute Defense will begin their attack from the air, but remember, if the aliens get past your air defense line, you'll need to have towers on the ground to fend them off before they do too much damage to the station. The best course of action in this game is to build a strong air defense line and compliment it with strong ground defense. If you build a strong enough air defense, the ground defense won't be necessary for a while, but it's good to have it in place just in case. Conserve your money and add to your defenses as you earn more. While building a strong defense will take money, the only way you're going to make it anywhere in this game is to have money saved for emergencies. Emergencies will happen. Make sure you're prepared!

When you're choosing to place towers for your defense in Chute Defense, hover over the tower you want to build and check out the stats. In the beginning, less expensive towers are fine, but as you progress in the game, you're going to want to sell those towers and build more advanced ones. Build towers in groups that compliment each other. For example, if one of the towers you want to build delivers a lot of damage to enemies but has a slow rate of fire, surround it with towers that don't deliver as much damage but fire more quickly. Surround weak towers with stronger towers. Basically, each tower has its own strengths and weaknesses. Look for the weakness in a tower and find another tower that can compensate for that weakness. This allows you to build a strong defense and make use of all of the weapons available to you.

When an enemy penetrates your defenses and sets up camp on your station in Chute Defense, the square of ground it has landed on will turn green. You need to focus on setting up your ground defenses if you haven't already done so and focus on the area that has turned green. Without solid ground defenses, that green square will spread and before long, an enemy base will have set up shop and start firing on your towers. Once that starts, it doesn't take long for you to begin losing towers and eventually be overwhelmed by enemy forces. The great thing about this game though is that you have access to 'Ned Meds' (medic towers) that, when placed near damaged towers, can help them slowly rebuild. Place a few of these around your base and save yourself money on repairs. You also have access to 'Meaner Cleaners' which when places on green enemy controlled areas will allow you to remove the enemy and gain use of that square again. They're a bit pricy, but they're well worth the expense. Finally, you can also purchase single use ground nuke towers. They will take out any enemies that have taken up residence on the station, but they will also damage your towers. Use it wisely.

Overall, Chute Defense is an excellent tower defense shooting game that will challenge you to make the most of your money, your upgrades and your war strategizing skills. If you find a good strategy and plan a good defense, the game can be fairly easy especially if you have experience with tower defense shooting games, but it will be quite difficult if you can't find a good balance between conserving money and building your defenses. In this game, both factors are absolutely vital. You can upgrade even your basic towers rather inexpensively, so to get through the first bit of the game, build inexpensive towers and upgrade them. Once things start getting more difficult, sell the old towers and build more advanced ones. You should have little trouble if you continue to build and sell until you have a few more advanced towers in place that compliment each other well.