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Chaos Faction 2 Instructions

While the controls in Chaos Faction 2 are pretty varied depending on the mode and how many players there are, there's a standard control scheme for the solo player. Use the arrow keys for moving your character. Hit the down directional key for activating your shield. And to attack, hit the Z and X buttons - your first, feet, or whatever weapon you have will do the talking. Now, there are more advanced techniques and movements - like acrobatics, evasive maneuvers, and more. This can be easily viewed by checking the in game help screens. As for picking up those weapons scattered all over the place, just walk into them. That should get the job done. You can use them just as easily by pressing the attack buttons.

Chaos Faction 2 Walkthrough

Looking for unique or better yet crazy fighting and shooting games? What about playing in a world that's torn straight from the action packed sketches where knights go up against robots with full battle gears? What about aliens fighting against vampires? That's crazy! And if that's your cup of tea, if you think seeing those unlikely match ups become reality is GREAT, then Chaos Faction 2 - created by Dissolute Productions, is yours for the taking!

Chaos Faction 2 is one of those fighting and shooting games that have a lot to offer. There's a lot of stuff to see. Well, while its true you can finish the single player campaign in one sitting, the trendy character parts, secret gears, and weapons are more than enough to make up for it. After all, they can be carried into the Deathmatch Mode. From there, you can challenge a buddy or two for a hand to hand combat...and see who is the last man standing. And if that's not enough, you can toss in some AI players to join the rumble. Just like in the original game - Chaos Faction which is one of the best shooting games that everyone came to love, you can create teams, set time limits, and everything else in between.

In simpler terms, this game is just AWESOME!

Distilled, unadulterated, awesome factor - if that's what you are craving for, this game has it. You can even cusotmize your personal avatar right down to their eyeballs! Coming with dozens of parts looted from your defeated foes, there's more than enough customization for everybody. There's a treasure trove of wacky items and weapons that will allow you to decimate the opposition. Boxing gloves, blow pipes, localized black holes, teleporter rays, and those are just to name some. And if you want to try your hands on level creation, the level editor is there for your amusement. Play god and create your own levels for your friends to share and feast on!

Now, let me remind you one thing - this shooting and fighting game isn't about being balanced. The outcome is NOT always fair. HOWEVER, it is clear that the engine which is at the core of the game is created for powering a game so a polar bear can stand a chance using shurikens against a flame-thrower armed pirate. Crazy, isn't it? YES, crazy is the RIGHT word. This game is all about craziness. The animation, the zany atmosphere, the controls that sometimes don't work the way they should - everything else about this game is crazy which makes it a HECK LOT OF FUN!