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Chaos Faction - nah this game is NOT one of your average flash based shooting games. It's one of the best out there - PERIOD! However, that's not to say the controls are hard to handle. Far from it. The basic controls are straightforward really: press Z or X to attack (attack 1 for Z and attack 2 for X). Press up for jumping, left and right directional keys for moving, and to activate your shield, just hit the down directional key. If every you need to pause the game, just hit the Space Bar button. Those are the basic movements in the game. There are some advanced tricks that you need to keep in mind if you want to make it far so read on!

Chaos Faction Walkthrough

Coming at you with 29 different weapons, 18 different characters to choose from, and created for 14 months - Armor Games and Dissolute Production brings you one of the most addictive shooting games out in the internet - Chaos Faction!

Graphics, sound effects, pure doses of shooting fun - this game has it all. With 3 modes to choose from, it's easy to find yourself spending hours playing this game:

(1) Campaign Mode - here you need to fight your way through the arena and face a boss at the end of every level. Take him out and unlock new weapons, levels, and characters.

(2) Deathmatch Mode - want to play with friends and see who's the last man standing? Yeah? Then this is the game mode for you. Create your own rules, settings, and start the carnage!

(3) Survival Mode - How far can you go alone? There's only one way to find out. Play the survival mode! Defeat as many enemies as you can and submit your score at the global score boards.

OK, before you dig in fellas, there are some advanced movements that you definitely want to keep in mind if you don't want to get toasted in the game. Here they are: while you are in mid air (1) tap the Up Directional Key to do a boost (2) tap the Down Directional Key to stomp (3) tap Z for punching upwards, and (4) tap X to do a back flip kick. By the way, the controls can be changed. So if you customize them, the controls for the advaced movements change as well.

With 29 different weapons at your disposal, you will surely find that Weapon Of Mass Destruction that suits your 'taste'. They are found in crates. To pick up a weapon, all you have to do is run into it. To use the newly acquired weapon, just hit the normal attack keys - Z and X. Most of the weapons you will encounter have different attacks for Z and X.

When you're in Deathmatch Mode, you can also change how often crates appear in the game. Just go to the settings menu and that should take care of it. You can also choose which weapon crates would appear. This is done by going at the Weapons Customize section at the settings menu.

Also, there are 6 different power ups that will help you along the way: (1) the red cross restores 50 percent of your health (2) the power up with an up arrow increases your jump height (3) the heart gives you extra life (4) the yellow cross restores full health (5) increases your speed and (6) the star...this one makes you INVINCIBLE!