War Games

Soldier! Get ready! This is war!

War games are some of the best shooting games you could ever lay your hands on. After all, if you want the action to be non stop, explosive, and with bullets flying around 'round the clock, the best place to go to is at the center of the conflict...at war! If you think you are skillful enough, then why don't we put that to the test with the best war games found here at ShootingGamesFree.org?

Want to play like Rambo and be the Super Marine where you need to stand up against all odds and shoot your way to survival and victory? What about a medieval themed war and shooting game where you need to use the castle smasher to decimate your enemies? What about being sent to Europe during the crusade...lead armies and cavaliers in a physics based shooting game?

If that sounds cool, then you are at the right place. Check out our top shooting and war games here at ShootingGamesFree.org. Be warned: these games can be very addictive!

Top War Games

Play Raze

#1: Raze


If you are looking for shooting games that are beefed up with nice graphics, lots of customization options, and everything else that you'd want in a shooting game, then Raze is one that you should check out. In this...

Number of plays: 1,218,253

Play Sandcastle

#2: Sandcastle


Sandcastle is an entertaining and engrossing castle defense shooting game in which you need to defend your castle from the attacking enemy ships before they can destroy your city. Your city lies below your castle and the enemy ships are...

Number of plays: 950,830

Play Super Marine

#3: Super Marine


Super Marine - in this online shooting game, you need to play it like Rambo! It's you against all odds - alien forces, enemy structures, and more. There's nobody to help you BUT your weapons. BUT don't worry, when it comes...

Number of plays: 292,013

Play Roly-Poly Cannon 2

#4: Roly-Poly Cannon 2


Roly-Poly Cannon 2 is an excellent and engrossing puzzle shooting game that will keep you playing level after level just to see what the game has in store for you next. There are no fancy upgrades to make your cannon...

Number of plays: 166,488

Play Sierra 7

#5: Sierra 7


First person shooting games - Counter Strike, Half Life, etc. - who would forget these games? If only someone is good enough to create flash and browser based first person shooting games like those, things would be so much better....

Number of plays: 148,923

Play Castle Smasher

#6: Castle Smasher


Castle Smasher is a relatively shooting game. It takes place in medieval times, and the goal of each level (out of five levels, total) is to destroy the enemy castle with your catapult. You'll have two guards to help guard...

Number of plays: 145,050

Play Raze 2

#7: Raze 2


Raze 2 is the sequel to the highly-acclaimed shooting game, Raze. Raze 2 features improved graphics, a wider variety of weapons, thirty unlockable skins, numerous special abilities, and tons of equipment! Raze 2 features two game modes: Campaign and Quick Match....

Number of plays: 138,046

Play The Strangers 3

#8: The Strangers 3


The Strangers 3 is an army-themed shooting game where you'll be taking out enemy soldiers before they take you out. Although you'll start the game with three different guns (handgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle), you're basically a one-man army,...

Number of plays: 134,539

Play Snipedown

#9: Snipedown


Snipedown is one of the best, most engrossing and most entertaining tower defense shooting games online. The premise couldn't be easier to understand. Your base is on the right side of the screen and you need to protect your base...

Number of plays: 114,550

Play Plazma Burst 2

#10: Plazma Burst 2


One of the highest ranking games on Not Doppler, Plazma Burst 2 is about a space marine (who looks a lot like the guy from Halo) who was sent to some alien planet (to be honest, I'm not sure) to...

Number of plays: 112,776

Play Castle Fight

#11: Castle Fight


Castle Fight is an excellent tower defense shooting game, but it's definitely a game that takes a little getting used to. The controls are fairly easy to understand even if some might argue they aren't explained all that well in...

Number of plays: 97,345

Play Crusade

#12: Crusade


Crusade is an excellent and addictive physics shooting game in which you have to use your wits to solve the puzzles presented to you in each level. The premise of the game is fairly basic and easy to understand. Europe...

Number of plays: 85,765

Play Counter-Snipe

#13: Counter-Snipe


Counter-Snipe is an excellent first person shooting game in which you are challenged to take out as many enemy soldiers as you can before you run out of time. You can play in either single player or multiplayer mode, but...

Number of plays: 83,179

Play Final Fortress

#14: Final Fortress


Final Fortress is definitely no easy strategy shooting game, but it is a lot of fun and it is entirely addictive. From the very beginning of the game you're going to find yourself striving to do well in this fast...

Number of plays: 75,065

Play Palisade Guardian 2

#15: Palisade Guardian 2


Palisade Guardian 2 is the sequel to the defensive shooting game, Palisade Guardian. The first Palisade Guardian took place during the Second World War; following the recent modern warfare trend, Palisade Guardian 2 (also known as Palisade Guardian 2: Modern...

Number of plays: 70,943

Play City Siege 2: Resort Siege

#16: City Siege 2: Resort Siege


One of the few shooting games that allows you to create your own team of elite soldiers and send them out on exciting, explosive, and action-packed missions - this is City Siege 2: Resort Siege, a game that was brought...

Number of plays: 51,939

Play City Siege 3: Jungle Siege

#17: City Siege 3: Jungle Siege


City Siege 3: Jungle Siege is the third game in the City Siege series of shooting games. City Siege 3: Jungle Siege features the same audio, graphics, and controls as its predecessors but this time the thirty levels take place...

Number of plays: 43,724

Play Bunker - Survival

#18: Bunker - Survival


Bunker - Survival is an excellent turret shooting game that charges you with one simple task; defending your bunker. As basic as your task is, however, actually accomplishing that goal can be a bit of a different story. Your base...

Number of plays: 43,119

Play Lord Of War II

#19: Lord Of War II


Lord Of War II is a flash game that takes time, patience, and a whole lot of clicking. There are fives maps to play through, and each subsequent map is unlocked by beating the previous level. Although the levels start...

Number of plays: 29,553

Play Kingdom of the Wind

#20: Kingdom of the Wind


Kingdom of the Wind is an interesting twist on the otherwise stale tower defense genre. Combining elements of shooting games, strategy games, and action games, Kingdom of the Wind has an overall gameplay experience that's tense, exciting, and difficult all...

Number of plays: 21,406

Play Armor Mayhem

#21: Armor Mayhem


If you haven't checked out Loussi's new shooting game, the futuristic world of Armor Mayhem, you should! In this world, earth has run out of energy. To solve this, energy corporations have sent out teams of faceless space marines to...

Number of plays: 19,099

Play Tank 2007

#22: Tank 2007


With a total of 6 tank shooting stages, you are sure to have truckloads of fun in this action packed shooting game. The idea and objective of the game is very straightforward and simple to understand: eliminate everything in sight! YES,...

Number of plays: 17,941

Play A-Bot

#23: A-Bot


A-Bot is a space-themed shooting game where you'll not only take on asteroids, but attacking aliens as well. This means you'll have to balance both enemies you'll be up against, and it can lead to some tense moments. You'll be...

Number of plays: 17,135

Play Upgrade Complete!

#24: Upgrade Complete!


Upgrade Complete! Is a zany, off-the-wall shooting game where you're not just playing an arcade game, but upgrading it along the way, too. When the game starts out, it's not very much fun, and you'll have to score a lot...

Number of plays: 16,952

Play Raid Mission

#25: Raid Mission


Raid Mission is a tactical role-playing game. This shooting game features great graphics, seven missions with their own unique achievements, and a variety of weapons and equipment. The addition of splendid voice acting adds to the excitement of Raid Mission. Raid...

Number of plays: 16,384

Play Enigmata

#26: Enigmata


Enigmata is a space shooting game that set a golden standard for Flash space shooters. This excellent space game features three different ships to choose from, a variety of upgrades, great graphics, amazing audio, and thrilling shoot-em-up gameplay! When you first...

Number of plays: 16,176

Play Ageless War

#27: Ageless War


Ageless War is a war game that puts you in command of one of five unique armies. Ageless War features a thrilling musical soundtrack, cool sprite graphics, twenty battlefields, and an Endurance Mode. When you first begin Ageless War, you are...

Number of plays: 15,925

Play Think Tank

#28: Think Tank


Think Tank is a shooting game that takes equal amounts of strategy and accurate, quick-witted shooting. You'll need fast reflexes and a good idea of where you're going to go - otherwise, enemy tanks will take you out first. So,...

Number of plays: 15,541

Play The Strangers 4

#29: The Strangers 4


The Strangers 4 is an intense war shooting game that requires you to carefully strategize and come up with a solid plan of attack if you hope to successfully complete the missions placed before you. There are no upgrades or...

Number of plays: 15,447

Play Condottiero

#30: Condottiero


Condottiero is a special type of flash game. It's the kind that will take some time to play, and lots of patience. Simply put, you're an assassin looking for a military general in South America - he's your target, but...

Number of plays: 15,444

Play The Strangers 2

#31: The Strangers 2


The Strangers 2 - this sniper and shooting game is very similar to the previous installment of this sniper and shooting game (The Strangers). This second installment comes with its gun's blazing - boasting new maps to take on, new...

Number of plays: 15,142

Play Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II

#32: Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II


If you loved the first installment of Pixelshock's Tower Defense, then you will surely go gaga with the second installment! In Pixelshock's Tower Defense 2, all of the good stuff from the previous version is back together with other niceties...

Number of plays: 14,656

Play Gravitee Wars

#33: Gravitee Wars


Gravitee Wars is the third game in the Gravitee series of physics games. Unlike the first two games of the series, which were peaceful games of gravity golf, Gravitee Wars is a war game that puts you in control of...

Number of plays: 14,644

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