Tower Defense

I'm not really sure why BUT tower defense games are very addictive and they are a LOT of fun to play. I could easily find myself spending almost 8 hours building turrets, warding off the initial wave of creeps, repairing my defenses, beefing them up with upgrades, and here's what: I don't even realize I have spent that much time until I finish the game!

Come on! Admit it. You find tower defense games fun and addicting too and you want MORE! Yeah? Here's some nice news: is here to serve you the best shooting and tower defense games on a silver platter. All that is left for you to do now is sit down and play.

Whether you want a tower defense game where you need to hold the line against an army or hungry zombies, protect the target by giving him cover and shooting down everyone who attacks him, defend Area 51 against aliens and intruders who want to get to the secrets of the place using turrets and creating combos, you can find it all here.

Just scroll down, check out our top tower defense games, and once you have found something you like (which is hard because all of the games are GREAT), play and have fun!

Top Tower Defense

Play Sandcastle

#1: Sandcastle


Sandcastle is an entertaining and engrossing castle defense shooting game in which you need to defend your castle from the attacking enemy ships before they can destroy your city. Your city lies below your castle and the enemy ships are...

Number of plays: 950,705

Play Shorty Covers

#2: Shorty Covers


Shorty Covers is a sniping and shooting game where you'll control Shorty, a sniper, and try to save Vinnie - your partner - whenever possible. While that would seem like a relatively easy task, Vinnie is a hitman, and the...

Number of plays: 197,786

Play Snipedown

#3: Snipedown


Snipedown is one of the best, most engrossing and most entertaining tower defense shooting games online. The premise couldn't be easier to understand. Your base is on the right side of the screen and you need to protect your base...

Number of plays: 114,504

Play Castle Fight

#4: Castle Fight


Castle Fight is an excellent tower defense shooting game, but it's definitely a game that takes a little getting used to. The controls are fairly easy to understand even if some might argue they aren't explained all that well in...

Number of plays: 97,286

Play Final Fortress

#5: Final Fortress


Final Fortress is definitely no easy strategy shooting game, but it is a lot of fun and it is entirely addictive. From the very beginning of the game you're going to find yourself striving to do well in this fast...

Number of plays: 75,006

Play Bunker - Survival

#6: Bunker - Survival


Bunker - Survival is an excellent turret shooting game that charges you with one simple task; defending your bunker. As basic as your task is, however, actually accomplishing that goal can be a bit of a different story. Your base...

Number of plays: 43,063

Play Lord Of War II

#7: Lord Of War II


Lord Of War II is a flash game that takes time, patience, and a whole lot of clicking. There are fives maps to play through, and each subsequent map is unlocked by beating the previous level. Although the levels start...

Number of plays: 29,504

Play Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion

#8: Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion


As one of the last soldiers left in the fight against the dead, Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion is one shooting game that will pit you against a seemingly unending amount of enemies. You'll start out with a certain number...

Number of plays: 24,287

Play Elona Shooter

#9: Elona Shooter


If you are on the hunt for shooting games that have elements of a tower defense game as well as a wide and fun array of RPG influenced features, Elona Shooter is a shooting game that you have to check...

Number of plays: 23,189

Play Kingdom of the Wind

#10: Kingdom of the Wind


Kingdom of the Wind is an interesting twist on the otherwise stale tower defense genre. Combining elements of shooting games, strategy games, and action games, Kingdom of the Wind has an overall gameplay experience that's tense, exciting, and difficult all...

Number of plays: 21,341

Play Chute Defense

#11: Chute Defense


Chute Defense is an excellent tower defense shooting game that will challenge you to create the strongest line of defense you can create while taking out all of the aliens trying to invade earth. The premise is fairly common in...

Number of plays: 21,016

Play Frontline Defense - First Assault

#12: Frontline Defense - First Assault


Frontline Defense - First Assault is an engrossing, fast paced tower defense shooting game in which your goal is to destroy wave after wave of attacking enemies before they can reach their destination and destroy your base. You have twelve...

Number of plays: 20,720

Play StormWinds 1.5

#13: StormWinds 1.5


StormWinds 1.5 is the sequel to StormWinds and the second game in the StormWinds series of shooting games. StormWinds 1.5 features eight new campaigns, including a new challenge campaign, steampunk graphics, and formidable gameplay. The objective of StormWinds 1.5 is to...

Number of plays: 18,276

Play A-Bot

#14: A-Bot


A-Bot is a space-themed shooting game where you'll not only take on asteroids, but attacking aliens as well. This means you'll have to balance both enemies you'll be up against, and it can lead to some tense moments. You'll be...

Number of plays: 17,059

Play Fortress Guardian 2

#15: Fortress Guardian 2


A hero's work is never done. In Fortress Guardian 2, you are back again as one of a handful of fearless warriors risking life and limb to battle the dark forces threatening to destroy your village. These evil forces are...

Number of plays: 16,964

Play Upgrade Complete!

#16: Upgrade Complete!


Upgrade Complete! Is a zany, off-the-wall shooting game where you're not just playing an arcade game, but upgrading it along the way, too. When the game starts out, it's not very much fun, and you'll have to score a lot...

Number of plays: 16,867

Play Fortress Guardian

#17: Fortress Guardian


Fortress Guardian is an intense and fast paced tower defense shooting game in which you have to defend yourself and your people from the attacking orcs seeking to gain control of your land. When you first begin playing the game...

Number of plays: 16,478

Play Onslaught 2.2

#18: Onslaught 2.2


So what is the objective of the game? Here's what: there are attackers and they will come from the other end of the path. And they are headed for the US Armed Forces Area 51 (I'm not sure if this really...

Number of plays: 13,150

Play Vector Conflict: The Siege

#19: Vector Conflict: The Siege


Vector Conflict: The Siege is no easy game. In fact, because it combines mouse and keyboard controls, it's one of the more challenging retro shooting games online. Whereas retro shooting games tend to stick to the same basic controls and...

Number of plays: 13,004

Play StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns

#20: StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns


StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns is the third game in the StormWinds series of shooting games. StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns continues the storyline of the StormWinds franchise and features seven new campaigns, improved graphics, and a greater variety of weapons. The gameplay...

Number of plays: 11,521

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