Stickman Games

Stick figures - come on! Admit it. You love them too - for their simplicity, amazing stunts and fighting sequences, gory and bloody violence they can pull off, and everything else in between. Yeah, I would find it even more surprising if you haven't heard of stick figures like Xiao Xiao and the rest of the gang.

Well, if you are going to mix the best of shooting games and stick figures, what are you going to get? Right here at, we give you the best of what both genres have to offer. And all that is left for you to do is sit down, have the determination to have fun (and shoot down heads), and play.

Whether you are looking for stick man shooting games where every shot counts and a lot of thinking is required to get past the obstacles, a stick man shooting game where there are no rules, no missions and, the only thing you need to care about is to shoot everyone that comes across your path, you are sure to find it here.

What are you waiting for? Time to see some stickman heads blasted off!

Top Stickman Games

Play Hitstick 2

#1: Hitstick 2


The sequel to the smart and action predecessor, Hitstick, Hitstick 2 is everything fans of the original game were hoping for and so much more. In this game, you have the option of playing in stealth mode or just going...

Number of plays: 535,718

Play TheDarkMan

#2: TheDarkMan


TheDarkMan is an excellent physics shooting game that will challenge you to think and to aim carefully if you want to make it through the game. The basic premise of the game is fairly easy to understand; you are an...

Number of plays: 520,873

Play Hitstick 4

#3: Hitstick 4


Much like the other games in the Hitstick series, Hitstick 4 is an intense and engrossing first person shooting game that will put your shooting and logic skills to the test and keep you entertained from beginning to end. In...

Number of plays: 314,568

Play Ricochet Kills: PP

#4: Ricochet Kills: PP


Ricochet Kills: PP is at once one of the most entertaining and one of the most frustrating shooting games online. It isn't like most of the more traditional shooting games available on the internet. While most other games in the...

Number of plays: 268,641

Play Sift Heads World - Act 3

#5: Sift Heads World - Act 3


In Sift Heads World - Act 3 Vinnie once again finds himself in hot water and this time he, along with his faithful sidekicks Kiro and Shorty, will need the help of the Mayor of Chicago if they want to...

Number of plays: 232,663

Play Shorty Covers

#6: Shorty Covers


Shorty Covers is a sniping and shooting game where you'll control Shorty, a sniper, and try to save Vinnie - your partner - whenever possible. While that would seem like a relatively easy task, Vinnie is a hitman, and the...

Number of plays: 197,786

Play Sift Heads 0

#7: Sift Heads 0


Sift Heads 0 - if you are a huge fan of the Sift Heads series,you will surely love this online shooting game! For one thing, this game shows you the start of Vinnie's journey, how he came to be the...

Number of plays: 173,084

Play Sift Heads World - Act 5

#8: Sift Heads World - Act 5


Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro are back in Sift Heads World - Act 5; the fifth incredible chapter in the first person shooting game series Sift Heads World. In this game, the team is on a mission to recover an exotic...

Number of plays: 159,821

Play Sift Heads 5

#9: Sift Heads 5


Loaded with lots of action, difficult missions, custom clothes, new weapons and useful cheats, assassin Vinnie is back and ready to take out more bad guys in Sift Heads 5. This time, however, Vinnie has a blood thirsty assassin on...

Number of plays: 137,960

Play Sift Heads World - Act 6

#10: Sift Heads World - Act 6


Well, I suppose it goes without saying that when you sift heads for a living, you're bound to make a few enemies. This is the position Vinnie, his girl Shorty and their pal Kiro find themselves in at the beginning...

Number of plays: 135,408

Play Hitstick

#11: Hitstick


Hitstick is an assassination game where you'll not just have to take on one target, but an army of thugs that know where you are. So, as enemies pop up, you'll have to get rid of them quickly - with...

Number of plays: 126,777

Play Vinnie's Rampage : Desert Road

#12: Vinnie's Rampage : Desert Road


Sift Heads fans rejoice. Vinnie's back and once again seeking revenge in Vinnie's Rampage : Desert Road; an entertaining first person shooting game for those that just love to shoot stuff. While driving down a desert road with a suitcase...

Number of plays: 116,524

Play Hitstick 3

#13: Hitstick 3


Hitstick 3 is the third game in this excellent first person shooting game series and it does not disappoint. Fans of the first three games will love the third installment because it doesn't stray too far from the basic premise...

Number of plays: 113,276

Play Sift Heads World - Act 2

#14: Sift Heads World - Act 2


In Sift Heads World - Act 2 Vinnie, the assassin we've come to love so much throughout the Sift Heads series, is back with Shorty and Kiro once again as they attempt to free themselves of the torment of the...

Number of plays: 111,988

Play Vinnie's Shooting Yard 5

#15: Vinnie's Shooting Yard 5


Vinnie's Shooting Yard 5 is a shooting game that doesn't hold any punches. Instead of walking around and looking for your targets, they'll come right up to you - and you'll have to take out simultaneous enemies, if you're not...

Number of plays: 109,938

Play One Shot One Kill

#16: One Shot One Kill


In this shooting game - One Shot One Kill, you will be working as a hitman. And a sniper rifle is your best buddy. Armed with one of the most accurate weapons the world has seen, you need to follow...

Number of plays: 108,773

Play Sift Heads World - Act 1

#17: Sift Heads World - Act 1


Vinnie's back for more head sifting madness is Sift Heads World - Act 1, an excellent first person shooting game that allows you to play as Vinnie, the sexy for a stick figure girl, Shorty or Vinnie's new pal Kiro....

Number of plays: 87,818

Play Storm the House 3

#18: Storm the House 3


YES, Storm The House 3 is here! Case Dollingsworth, creator and programmer of the whole Storm The House series, is at it again. And this time, he brings you the best so far in Storm The House of the...

Number of plays: 81,701

Play Vinnie's Shooting Yard 4

#19: Vinnie's Shooting Yard 4


So you are a huge fan of Sift Heads? Yeah? Well so am I! I fell in love with the series a couple of months ago and any Sift Heads related game is a must play for me! Anyway, in...

Number of plays: 78,948

Play Sift Heads World - Act 4

#20: Sift Heads World - Act 4


Shorty is front and center in the forth installment in the Sift Heads World Series; Sift Heads World - Act 4. One of the greatest strengths of this series has always been the story that unfolds more and more with...

Number of plays: 46,397

Play Storm the House

#21: Storm the House


Tower defense games are addictive - period! The joy of building one defense turret or tower after the other, cashing in on the dead bodies...using the dough to get rich, earn points, and buy upgrades, and seeing one body fall...

Number of plays: 26,776

Play Sift With Shorty

#22: Sift With Shorty


The objective of the game is very simple and straightforward - just blast the heads of every armed stick figure that comes your way. If you love the whole Sift Heads series, then you want to check out Sift With...

Number of plays: 24,729

Play Storm the House 2

#23: Storm the House 2


And it's back once again! Fans of the original Storm The House game, here's what: Storm The House 2 is HERE! The same premise holds for this game: you need to defend your stronghold (that mansion, building, or whatever you...

Number of plays: 18,982

Play Sift Heads 4

#24: Sift Heads 4


Vinnie stars yet again in this fourth Sift Heads game - this time, however, he's out of work in the states - so he's working internationally. With eight worldwide locations to choose from (some having multiple missions), you're sure to...

Number of plays: 16,834

Play Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum

#25: Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum


Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum is the seventh game in the Sift Heads World series, itself an offshoot of the Sift Heads series. This shooting game features outstanding stick figure graphics and a captivating story. Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum...

Number of plays: 15,097

Play BLACK 2

#26: BLACK 2


BLACK 2 is the sequel to the shooting game, BLACK. BLACK 2 features the same style of gameplay introduced by its predecessor along with improved graphics and faster-paced action. The objective of BLACK 2 is to navigate the mazes, avoiding death...

Number of plays: 10,464

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