Shoot 'Em Up

First person shooting games are action packed and realistic. BUT for those who are looking for something lighter and just as fun, side scrolling shoot 'em up games are the way to go. And if that's what you are on the hunt for, here's the good news: has all of the shoot 'em up games you can handle.

And yes, these games are the best around. Played a lot by shoot 'em up game lover like you, you are sure to have a great time. Want to play a run and gun shooting game where you need to keep an eye on yourself and your enemies if you want to survive? Want to 'round up zombies all day long...and see their heads and brains splattered all over the floor?

What about playing a multiplayer shoot em up game where you are pitted against like minded players all over the globe? What about something that takes you into the far future where you need to lead humans in a battle against aliens - beefed up with lots of customization options and jaw dropping graphics?

Sounds good? So why are you still reading? Scroll down, pick the game you like, and start shooting and having fun!

Top Shoot 'Em Up

Play Raze

#1: Raze


If you are looking for shooting games that are beefed up with nice graphics, lots of customization options, and everything else that you'd want in a shooting game, then Raze is one that you should check out. In this...

Number of plays: 1,218,535

Play Plazma Burst: Forward to the past

#2: Plazma Burst: Forward to the past


Plazma Burst: Forward to the past is a run 'n gun shooting game where you'll have to look out for yourself, but keep both eyes on the enemy at all times. You can purchase and upgrade weapons and armor, toss...

Number of plays: 995,810

Play Hitstick 5

#3: Hitstick 5


Hitstick 5 is a challenging and intense first person shooting game that puts you in the role of assassin as you work to complete various missions using various disguises and weapons. It isn't an easy game to conquer, but it's...

Number of plays: 959,072

Play Days2Die

#4: Days2Die


Days2Die is an exciting shooting game that will push you to your limit when it comes to avoiding, killing, and rounding up zombies. You'll start out in an easy enough level - a small house - and slowly learn to...

Number of plays: 423,563

Play Zombie Mall

#5: Zombie Mall


Zombie Mall is a shooting game that puts you in the place you'd least like to be when a zombie outbreak occurs - a broken-down, abandoned zombie mall. Or at least, it has been since the zombie outbreak has occurred....

Number of plays: 305,527

Play Zombie Trapper

#6: Zombie Trapper


Zombie Trapper is an entertaining and addictive zombie shooting game in which you are the sheriff of a town under attack by zombies. It is your job to fight off the zombies and protect the treasures of your town. These...

Number of plays: 298,773

Play Super Marine

#7: Super Marine


Super Marine - in this online shooting game, you need to play it like Rambo! It's you against all odds - alien forces, enemy structures, and more. There's nobody to help you BUT your weapons. BUT don't worry, when it comes...

Number of plays: 292,225

Play Ricochet Kills: PP

#8: Ricochet Kills: PP


Ricochet Kills: PP is at once one of the most entertaining and one of the most frustrating shooting games online. It isn't like most of the more traditional shooting games available on the internet. While most other games in the...

Number of plays: 268,737

Play TDP4 Team Battle

#9: TDP4 Team Battle


TDP4 Team Battle is an engrossing and addictive multiplayer action shooting game that pits you against other players from around the world in a action packed free for all that is sure to thrill any shooting game fan. This isn't...

Number of plays: 203,495

Play Zombie Invaders 2

#10: Zombie Invaders 2


Zombie Invaders 2 is an intense, action packed zombie shooting game in which you are the soul survivor of a zombie attack. Your goal is to take out all of the attacking zombies to pass the wave and move on...

Number of plays: 196,406

Play SAS: Zombie Assault 2

#11: SAS: Zombie Assault 2


SAS: Zombie Assault 2 is, if you haven't guessed already, a zombie-themed shooting game. In it, you'll have to defend your compound from the waves of undead that keep trying to overtake it. Simply put, you'll start out in a...

Number of plays: 182,749

Play Raze 2

#12: Raze 2


Raze 2 is the sequel to the highly-acclaimed shooting game, Raze. Raze 2 features improved graphics, a wider variety of weapons, thirty unlockable skins, numerous special abilities, and tons of equipment! Raze 2 features two game modes: Campaign and Quick Match....

Number of plays: 138,308

Play Plazma Burst 2

#13: Plazma Burst 2


One of the highest ranking games on Not Doppler, Plazma Burst 2 is about a space marine (who looks a lot like the guy from Halo) who was sent to some alien planet (to be honest, I'm not sure) to...

Number of plays: 113,010

Play Bang! Heroes

#14: Bang! Heroes


Bang! Heroes is an addictive and engrossing action shooting game that will grab your attention from the very beginning and hold it until the bitter end. It isn't necessarily and easy game, but it is a lot of fun. Newcomers...

Number of plays: 111,829

Play Boom Stick

#15: Boom Stick


So what's the idea, the objective of the game, in Boom Stick? Well, this online shooting game is very straightforward. All you have to do is shoot every enemy in sight. That's it! HOWEVER, the game has a couple of...

Number of plays: 109,640

Play Gib Fest Multiplayer

#16: Gib Fest Multiplayer


Gib Fest Multiplayer is one of the most addictive, most engrossing and most fully features action shooting games online. The story is incredible, the graphics are stunning for a game in this genre and the action is truly difficult. While...

Number of plays: 100,228

Play SAS: Zombie Assault

#17: SAS: Zombie Assault


SAS: Zombie Assault is a shooting game that essentially comes down to survival. In it, your home and town have been utterly destroyed by the living dead - except for you, that is. You've managed to build an effective base...

Number of plays: 97,216

Play Bloons Supermonkey

#18: Bloons Supermonkey


Bloons Supermonkey is one of the most entertaining and addictive vertical shooting games online for a wide variety of reasons. First, the controls couldn't be more simply which means even someone who has no experience with vertical shooting games will...

Number of plays: 92,457

Play Storm the House 3

#19: Storm the House 3


YES, Storm The House 3 is here! Case Dollingsworth, creator and programmer of the whole Storm The House series, is at it again. And this time, he brings you the best so far in Storm The House of the...

Number of plays: 81,816

Play Here To Collect

#20: Here To Collect


Here to Collect is a cross between a few genres: it's a shooting game, you'll face waves and waves of enemy zombies, and you'll have to pick up as much ammo as you possibly can. If you were to compare...

Number of plays: 78,150

Play SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum

#21: SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum


SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum is a sequel, and one you'll want to play much more than the original. Although the most of the features in the first game are intact, there's a huge new area to explore...

Number of plays: 76,362

Play Final Fortress

#22: Final Fortress


Final Fortress is definitely no easy strategy shooting game, but it is a lot of fun and it is entirely addictive. From the very beginning of the game you're going to find yourself striving to do well in this fast...

Number of plays: 75,123

Play Bulwark 53

#23: Bulwark 53


Bulwark 53 is an exciting, tense shooting game where you'll have to take on a variety of freaks, mutants, and zombies before getting off the hook. When you first start out in Bulwark 53, you'll be immediately reminded of survival...

Number of plays: 71,282

Play Mummy Tombs

#24: Mummy Tombs


Mummy Tombs is an addictive shooting game that challenges you to defend yourself against wave after wave of mummy attackers as you try to get into the 'tombs of death'. This fast paced and exciting shooting game will keep you...

Number of plays: 70,484

Play Bunker - Survival

#25: Bunker - Survival


Bunker - Survival is an excellent turret shooting game that charges you with one simple task; defending your bunker. As basic as your task is, however, actually accomplishing that goal can be a bit of a different story. Your base...

Number of plays: 43,182

Play Thing Thing Arena 3

#26: Thing Thing Arena 3


Thing Thing Arena 3 - well, the objective is pretty much the same: kill as many enemies as possible... BUT now it comes with a twist. You need to kill them in style! The points you earn don't just come...

Number of plays: 38,786

Play Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

#27: Boxhead: The Zombie Wars


Boxhead: The Zombie Wars is the fifth game in the Boxhead series, and adds a score of improvements to this shooting game franchise. The graphics are better than ever, the gameplay is more rapid-paced, sound effects have been improved, and...

Number of plays: 38,007

Play Crazy Steam Bros

#28: Crazy Steam Bros


Crazy Steam Bros is a retro-style horizontal shooter with a humorous steampunk twist. This shooting game features detailed sprite graphics, a soundtrack inspired by music from the late Victorian era or early 1900s, and simple controls. Crazy Steam Bros follows the...

Number of plays: 37,932

Play Combat Hero Adventures

#29: Combat Hero Adventures


Combat Hero Adventures is the sequel to Combat Hero. Combat Hero Adventures features the same charming cartoon visuals as its predecessor, but features improved sound, faster-paced gameplay, and a variety of new stages. Combat Hero Adventures features a campaign mode with...

Number of plays: 33,403

Play Storm the House

#30: Storm the House


Tower defense games are addictive - period! The joy of building one defense turret or tower after the other, cashing in on the dead bodies...using the dough to get rich, earn points, and buy upgrades, and seeing one body fall...

Number of plays: 26,880

Play Thing Thing 2

#31: Thing Thing 2


The second installment of the Thing Thing series - here, you are still playing as the uber strong living and breathing weapon created by a team of scientists for the gain of some greedy corporation. HOWEVER, you are against it....

Number of plays: 25,019

Play Sift With Shorty

#32: Sift With Shorty


The objective of the game is very simple and straightforward - just blast the heads of every armed stick figure that comes your way. If you love the whole Sift Heads series, then you want to check out Sift With...

Number of plays: 24,881

Play Elona Shooter

#33: Elona Shooter


If you are on the hunt for shooting games that have elements of a tower defense game as well as a wide and fun array of RPG influenced features, Elona Shooter is a shooting game that you have to check...

Number of plays: 23,561

Play Thing Thing Arena 2

#34: Thing Thing Arena 2


Shooting games - they will always be one of the hottest game genres around no matter what. Game like Sift Heads, Plazma Burst, and Thing Thing - these games will be played for the years or even decades to come....

Number of plays: 23,218

Play Unreal Flash 3

#35: Unreal Flash 3


Unreal Flash 3 - a flash-based and online shooting game that is oozing with action, explosion, and pure doses of violence... BUT one that oddly decorated with Old English designs. I don't know, I just don't see the old English...

Number of plays: 22,078

Play N3wton

#36: N3wton


As the name suggests, this game is played in accordance to Newton's law of motion, specifically the 3rd law of motion. Do you know it? No? I think you should go back to your physics teacher and take up some...

Number of plays: 21,282

Play cronusX

#37: cronusX


cronusX is a space-themed shooting game where you won't just be destroying asteroids, but alien scouts and fighters as well. The first few levels you'll play through are simple enough: destroy the asteroids surrounding you (they'll get smaller and smaller...

Number of plays: 21,116

Play Operation:Onslaught

#38: Operation:Onslaught


Operation:Onslaught is a fast paced, intense overhead shooting game that will keep you entertained from the start of the first mission to the very end of the last - if you can make it that far. Your goal is to...

Number of plays: 20,354

Play 3D Micro Wars

#39: 3D Micro Wars


3D Micro Wars is an exciting, fast-paced shooting game where you control a space ship, and try to fight off hordes of enemy ships. And, although the game says they come in waves, you'll be under a constant barrage of...

Number of plays: 19,686

Play Storm the House 2

#40: Storm the House 2


And it's back once again! Fans of the original Storm The House game, here's what: Storm The House 2 is HERE! The same premise holds for this game: you need to defend your stronghold (that mansion, building, or whatever you...

Number of plays: 19,114

Play Asteroids Deluxe

#41: Asteroids Deluxe


Every gamer out there is familiar with the original space-themed shooting game Asteroids. It was one of the first video games ever created, or at least one of the most popular among the first available, and with Asteroids Deluxe, not...

Number of plays: 19,019

Play Helicops!

#42: Helicops!


Helicops is a fun and engrossing helicopter shooting game in which your mission is to take out as many enemy copters as you can without being killed yourself. The number of enemy helicopters you need to destroy increases as the...

Number of plays: 18,452

Play Pop Pirates

#43: Pop Pirates


Pop Pirates is a fairly basic, yet incredibly addictive arcade style vertical shooting game that uses colorful and entertaining graphics with a fun story to draw the player into the game. While in the beginning, the game feels fairly simple,...

Number of plays: 18,182

Play Tank 2007

#44: Tank 2007


With a total of 6 tank shooting stages, you are sure to have truckloads of fun in this action packed shooting game. The idea and objective of the game is very straightforward and simple to understand: eliminate everything in sight! YES,...

Number of plays: 18,009

Play Gunbot

#45: Gunbot


There's a new mechanical and gun-slinging weapon on the streets - it's Gunbot! The story behind this new gun-slinger on the block is quite loose and a little strange, too. You see, Gunbot's sister (who is a beetle and doesn't...

Number of plays: 17,485

Play Space Pips

#46: Space Pips


Space Pips is an addictive and entertaining arcade shooting game that will catch your attention for the very beginning of the game and hold it to the very end. Newcomers to arcade shooting games are probably going to have a...

Number of plays: 17,279

Play DAZ3.5

#47: DAZ3.5


DAZ3.5 is a zombie shooting game that is just like Resident Evil 4 - so if you know that game, or how the gameplay works, you'll know what to do here. With twenty levels to play through, and only a...

Number of plays: 17,276

Play A-Bot

#48: A-Bot


A-Bot is a space-themed shooting game where you'll not only take on asteroids, but attacking aliens as well. This means you'll have to balance both enemies you'll be up against, and it can lead to some tense moments. You'll be...

Number of plays: 17,208

Play Upgrade Complete!

#49: Upgrade Complete!


Upgrade Complete! Is a zany, off-the-wall shooting game where you're not just playing an arcade game, but upgrading it along the way, too. When the game starts out, it's not very much fun, and you'll have to score a lot...

Number of plays: 17,040

Play Thing Thing 3

#50: Thing Thing 3


Thing Thing 3 - as you can tell, this game is the third installment in the series of shooting games created by Diseased Productions. In this shooting game set in the not so far away future, you are playing as...

Number of plays: 16,988

Play Balloon in a Wasteland

#51: Balloon in a Wasteland


With Balloon in a Wasteland, the name of the game really says it all. Your balloon has crashed in a wasteland and you need to try to escape by battling all manner of awful creatures with all of the weapons...

Number of plays: 16,887

Play Thing Thing Arena

#52: Thing Thing Arena


If you are looking for shooting games where the action starts right away... no fluff or useless delay, one that is fully interactive, very entertaining, and comes with serious doses of violence and action, then Thing Thing Arena is a...

Number of plays: 16,762

Play Thing Thing

#53: Thing Thing


When you combine stick figures with shooting games, this is what you get - Thing Thing! A stickman shooting game that comes with truckloads of gore and action, which gets a lot of points on my list. Thing Thing is...

Number of plays: 16,597

Play Enigmata

#54: Enigmata


Enigmata is a space shooting game that set a golden standard for Flash space shooters. This excellent space game features three different ships to choose from, a variety of upgrades, great graphics, amazing audio, and thrilling shoot-em-up gameplay! When you first...

Number of plays: 16,244

Play Adrenaline

#55: Adrenaline


Adrenaline is a fast paced and intense arcade shooting game in which you face off against enemies of various shapes and colors to try to survive as long as you can. You have only three lives and three bombs to...

Number of plays: 16,224

Play SpinBlaster

#56: SpinBlaster


SpinBlaster - the idea is to spin or rotate your core so your shooter's color is the same with the targets'. This game has enough twists and turns in it to keep you busy for a very long time. The challenge...

Number of plays: 16,098

Play Hover Phoenix

#57: Hover Phoenix


Hover Phoenix is a game that takes place in space, and if you haven't noticed already, it's a game where you can easily be destroyed. Your mission, as explained in the game, is to destroy as many volatile asteroids as...

Number of plays: 15,903

Play Devil House

#58: Devil House


Devil House is a cross between Resident Evil and any normal shooting game you've ever played. Except, instead of trying to kill as many zombies as you can, and trying to escape with your life, your job is to revert...

Number of plays: 15,881

Play Vector Effect

#59: Vector Effect


Vector Effect is an entertaining arcade shooting game that will keep you playing game after game. It's surprisingly addictive for a game that's so simple. The premise is fairly common as far as arcade shooting games go. You are in...

Number of plays: 15,814

Play Starcom

#60: Starcom


Starcom is a surprisingly addictive action shooting game that will have you hooked the moment you start playing. While the premise isn't terribly uncommon in the world of action shooting games, the game manages to avoid feeling like more of...

Number of plays: 15,795

Play Boxhead

#61: Boxhead


Boxhead is a top-down shooting game where players must rescue civilians from a zombie onslaught and is the first game in the Boxhead series. The game features simple three-dimensional characters, detailed backgrounds, and chilling sound effects that add to the...

Number of plays: 15,743

Play Saturday Night Bloodfest

#62: Saturday Night Bloodfest


If you are on the hunt for shooting games that can get really bloody and action packed, this shooting game and platformer from Weasel is one that you have to check out. This game showcases non stop blasting action game...

Number of plays: 15,404

Play Cursor Attack 3

#63: Cursor Attack 3


Cursor Attack 3 - this is an excellent combination of puzzle and shooting game where the objective is to collect all of the orbs to be found in the 55 different levels. What makes this game unique is that one...

Number of plays: 15,316

Play Mummy Tombs 2

#64: Mummy Tombs 2


If you liked Mummy Tombs, you're going to love Mummy Tombs 2. Building on the solid foundation built by it's predecessor, this game is filled with high intensity, fast paced action and lots of mummy killing fun. Like the first...

Number of plays: 15,127

Play Thing Thing 4

#65: Thing Thing 4


The best of stick and shooting games combined: this is Thing Thing 4! If you loved the whole thing thing series, then the sequel to Thing Thing 3, which was released almost 2 years later, will surely make you nuts...

Number of plays: 15,001

Play Heavy Weapons

#66: Heavy Weapons


Heavy Weapons is an excellent arcade style action shooting game that will challenge your shooting skills and keep you entertained from the very first level to the last. There are sixty levels in total with three bosses to defeat using...

Number of plays: 14,964

Play Robokill

#67: Robokill


Robokill is a shooting game presented from a top-down perspective. The game features superb graphics, incredible voice acting, and wonderful sound effects and music. Robokill features four episodes of three missions each (with the exception of Episode 1, which contains...

Number of plays: 14,286

Play Battle of New Shanghai

#68: Battle of New Shanghai


Battle of New Shanghai is a top-down shooting game that combines the core gameplay of classic arcade SHMUPs with modern ideas such as upgrades. This shooter features retro-style graphics, a diverse arsenal of weaponry, and a storyline that gives meaning...

Number of plays: 13,929

Play Bunny Charm 1.2

#69: Bunny Charm 1.2


Bunny Charm 1.2 sounds like a pretty cute game, right? Wrong. In this action shooting game you are in control of a bad ass little bunny trying to defend himself from the hordes of enemies attacking him. One look at...

Number of plays: 13,803

Play Fly Hard 2

#70: Fly Hard 2


Fly Hard 2 is the sequel to the distance game Fly Hard. Fly Hard 2 retains the charming visuals, music, humor, and upgrade system of its predecessor, but it also adds elements of space shooting games into the mixture. Fly Hard...

Number of plays: 13,785

Play Paint Blood

#71: Paint Blood


Paint Blood is a delightfully gory and twisted maze based action shooting game. The basic premise is fairly common in the genre of action shooting games but this game dares to do things a bit differently and that's really what...

Number of plays: 13,649

Play D-403: Journey of a Service Droid

#72: D-403: Journey of a Service Droid


D-403: Journey of a Service Droid is a creatively fresh and unique flash game with equal amounts of platforming, shooting, and solving tricky puzzles. In it, you'll control D-403, a simple service droid that can jump on platforms, shoot at...

Number of plays: 13,402

Play Boxhead 2Play Rooms

#73: Boxhead 2Play Rooms


Boxhead 2Play rooms is the fourth installment of the Boxhead series. This iteration of the shooting game series features eighteen arenas, an arsenal of ten different weapons and items, four characters to choose from, vector-based 3D graphics, and superb sound...

Number of plays: 13,310

Play Sixty

#74: Sixty


Sixty is without a doubt one of the most fast paced, intense action shooting games online. The real beauty of the game is in the simplicity of it all. There are no fancy upgrades and no additional weapons to buy....

Number of plays: 13,306

Play Frantic 2

#75: Frantic 2


Frantic 2 is a bullet-hell shoot'em up game that like its predecessor, lives up to its name. Frantic 2 features a rocking soundtrack, five difficulty levels, five ships to choose from, fourteen achievements, and frenzied gameplay. The objective of Frantic 2...

Number of plays: 13,175

Play Vector Conflict: The Siege

#76: Vector Conflict: The Siege


Vector Conflict: The Siege is no easy game. In fact, because it combines mouse and keyboard controls, it's one of the more challenging retro shooting games online. Whereas retro shooting games tend to stick to the same basic controls and...

Number of plays: 13,163

Play Gunball 2: Emperor's Revenge

#77: Gunball 2: Emperor's Revenge


Gunball 2: Emperor's Revenge is the sequel to the top-down arena shooting game, Gunball Arena. Gunball 2: Emperor's Revenge features similar controls and graphics to those of its forerunner along with new weapons and a plethora of new battles to...

Number of plays: 12,734

Play Robokill 2

#78: Robokill 2


Robokill 2 is the sequel to Robokill. Like its predecessor, it is a top-down shooting game with role playing game elements. Robokill 2 features the same exciting gameplay, sounds, voice acting, and stunning visuals as its predecessor, and continues where...

Number of plays: 12,697

Play Boxhead: The Nightmare

#79: Boxhead: The Nightmare


Boxhead: The Nightmare is the sixth installment of the Boxhead shooting game series. This iteration of the game features smaller character graphics, larger battlefields, more detailed backgrounds, improved sound effects, and a plethora of weapons, items, and characters. The objective of...

Number of plays: 12,444

Play Frantic Frigates

#80: Frantic Frigates


Frantic Frigates is a casual shooting game developed by Berzerk Studio. This shooting game features lovely graphics, simple controls, twenty-seven achievements, and four challenging boss battles! The objective of Frantic Frigates is to complete the game by destroying all four bosses....

Number of plays: 12,164

Play SkyFyre II

#81: SkyFyre II


SkyFyre II is the sequel to the shooting game, SkyFyre. SkyFyre II features the same graphics and gameplay that made its predecessor a hit, but adds four new character classes and challenging new levels! The objective of SkyFyre II is the...

Number of plays: 11,691

Play Unknown Sector

#82: Unknown Sector


Unknown Sector is one of the most engrossing and addictive action shooting games online; challenging you to navigate your way through ninety-five different levels, each one different and a little more difficult than the last. With a wealth of weapons...

Number of plays: 11,537

Play Defective

#83: Defective


Defective is another spectacular shooting game brought to you by This shoot 'em up features dazzling graphics, an original soundtrack, a unique story and twelve levels of pulse-pounding action! In Defective, you play as a faulty minion that is discarded...

Number of plays: 11,455

Play Droid Assault

#84: Droid Assault


Droid Assault is an action-packed arena shooting game. This shooter game features excellent graphics and animation, and a plethora of upgradable weapons. The objective of Droid Assault is to complete all thirty-two trials in as few tries (days) as possible. To...

Number of plays: 10,899

Play Bitshift

#85: Bitshift


Diseased Productions - the guys from here sure know how to develop games that captivate audience of different ages and gamers from different genres. Their side-scrolling and futuristic shooting games RedShift and BlueShift set the standards within the genre. The...

Number of plays: 8,173

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