Action Games

Action games - I guess this genre doesn't need any definition. As long as it's action packed, whether its turn based, first person, a game that sets you back in the medieval ages, or one where you are pitted against zombies, you are guaranteed to have pure doses of action filled fun that no other game genre can give.

And if you are on the hunt for the best, most popular, and most played action games in the internet, then is a haven for you. Showcasing the top shooting and action games around the net, our top list will keep you busy for the hours or even days to come!

Whether you are looking for shooting and action games that are fun, challenging, and graphically morbid, shooting games where you play as a child who needs to cause as much havoc and chaos by shooting down stuff in your home, turn based and stick men action games where you need to make the most out of every turn to fire to come out on top, create pixel based shooting towers to defend against the up and coming creep wave, has it all!

Top Action Games

Play Gibbets 2

#1: Gibbets 2


Gibbets 2 is an excellent arrow shooting game loaded with fun (albeit morbid) graphics and challenging puzzles that will keep you playing level after level. Your goal is simple; use your trusty bow and arrow to sever the nooses holding...

Number of plays: 672,105

Play TheDarkMan

#2: TheDarkMan


TheDarkMan is an excellent physics shooting game that will challenge you to think and to aim carefully if you want to make it through the game. The basic premise of the game is fairly easy to understand; you are an...

Number of plays: 520,873

Play Ricochet Kills 2

#3: Ricochet Kills 2


So you are someone who has been captivated by the myth of that trick shooting sharpshooter? Yeah? Well, such legends have been around since before the first Sergio Leone westerns. Robocop continued the myth and those are just to name...

Number of plays: 402,795

Play Chaos Faction 2

#4: Chaos Faction 2


Looking for unique or better yet crazy fighting and shooting games? What about playing in a world that's torn straight from the action packed sketches where knights go up against robots with full battle gears? What about aliens fighting against...

Number of plays: 230,341

Play Roly-Poly Cannon 2

#5: Roly-Poly Cannon 2


Roly-Poly Cannon 2 is an excellent and engrossing puzzle shooting game that will keep you playing level after level just to see what the game has in store for you next. There are no fancy upgrades to make your cannon...

Number of plays: 166,434

Play Stick Bang

#6: Stick Bang


War is never pretty but in Stick Bang, an excellent stick figure shooting game, it's at least pretty cute. The basic premise is pretty easy to understand. On one side you have your black stick giants (that's you) and your...

Number of plays: 148,962

Play Castle Smasher

#7: Castle Smasher


Castle Smasher is a relatively shooting game. It takes place in medieval times, and the goal of each level (out of five levels, total) is to destroy the enemy castle with your catapult. You'll have two guards to help guard...

Number of plays: 145,007

Play Max Damage

#8: Max Damage


Max Damage is an engaging and dynamic shooting game where - instead of targeting people, or enemies - you'll play the role of a child trying to cause as much retail damage as possible via appliances like TVs and refrigerators....

Number of plays: 124,073

Play Chaos Faction

#9: Chaos Faction


Coming at you with 29 different weapons, 18 different characters to choose from, and created for 14 months - Armor Games and Dissolute Production brings you one of the most addictive shooting games out in the internet - Chaos Faction! Graphics,...

Number of plays: 108,110

Play Blosics

#10: Blosics


Blosics is an excellent puzzle shooting game that will challenge you to think carefully about the moves you make to find the best possible way to solve the puzzle presented to you in the level. It is unlike most of...

Number of plays: 89,680

Play Crusade

#11: Crusade


Crusade is an excellent and addictive physics shooting game in which you have to use your wits to solve the puzzles presented to you in each level. The premise of the game is fairly basic and easy to understand. Europe...

Number of plays: 85,711

Play Firefight

#12: Firefight


Firefight is a top-down shooting game where your goal is to survive for as long as possible against an onslaught of enemy soldiers and units. This shooting game features intuitive controls, outstanding graphics, epic background music, two modes of gameplay,...

Number of plays: 78,260

Play Favela Heroes (AKA Homeboy Heroes)

#13: Favela Heroes (AKA Homeboy Heroes)


Favela Heroes is an entertaining tower defense shooting game that puts you in charge of defending your territory against rival mobsters trying to infiltrate your territory. It's a full out mafia war and you can't allow yourself to lose control....

Number of plays: 77,778

Play Cannon Shot

#14: Cannon Shot


Cannon Shot is an excellent and engrossing physics shooting game that will challenge you to think carefully about each and every move you make. While the game starts off fairly simple, things get much more difficult as your progress. The...

Number of plays: 77,762

Play Highway Pursuit

#15: Highway Pursuit


Highway Pursuit is a shooting game with a first-person vantage point. Highway Pursuit features numerous weapons, upgrades, and exhilarating gameplay. Highway Pursuit puts you in the role of an accomplice to a bank robbery. Your objective is to protect the armored...

Number of plays: 74,341

Play Defend Your Nuts

#16: Defend Your Nuts


Defend Your Nuts is a shooting game that puts you in control of a cut, fuzzy, and deadly squirrel. This defense game features well-drawn cartoon graphics, amazing audio, and twenty challenging stages! The objective of Defend Your Nuts is to do...

Number of plays: 66,432

Play City Siege 3: Jungle Siege

#17: City Siege 3: Jungle Siege


City Siege 3: Jungle Siege is the third game in the City Siege series of shooting games. City Siege 3: Jungle Siege features the same audio, graphics, and controls as its predecessors but this time the thirty levels take place...

Number of plays: 43,628

Play Crazy Steam Bros

#18: Crazy Steam Bros


Crazy Steam Bros is a retro-style horizontal shooter with a humorous steampunk twist. This shooting game features detailed sprite graphics, a soundtrack inspired by music from the late Victorian era or early 1900s, and simple controls. Crazy Steam Bros follows the...

Number of plays: 37,644

Play Combat Hero Adventures

#19: Combat Hero Adventures


Combat Hero Adventures is the sequel to Combat Hero. Combat Hero Adventures features the same charming cartoon visuals as its predecessor, but features improved sound, faster-paced gameplay, and a variety of new stages. Combat Hero Adventures features a campaign mode with...

Number of plays: 33,130

Play Raft Wars

#20: Raft Wars


OK, shooting games in general are not for kids. BUT this one, Raft Wars, is dressed up in a child friendly way that I wouldn't mind my 5 year old kid playing it. No blood, no gore - which is...

Number of plays: 31,502

Play GunBlood

#21: GunBlood


GunBlood - as the name suggests, this game is oozing with blood, violence, and gore! So not for kids definitely. BUT if you are a grown up, you will surely love this. It's another shooting game developed by Wolfgames and...

Number of plays: 31,081

Play Ricochet Kills

#22: Ricochet Kills


Shooting games - well, aside from being bloody and violent most of the time (and this game falls in that category), the games from these genres are usually action packed. Very fast paced, not much time is left for complex...

Number of plays: 27,758

Play Air Battle

#23: Air Battle


Air Battle - the game's name says it all! Riding a machine that's lifted by a pair of balloons, you need to duke it out with other air battlers using your canons. Use it to pop out their balloons so...

Number of plays: 25,383

Play Unreal Flash 3

#24: Unreal Flash 3


Unreal Flash 3 - a flash-based and online shooting game that is oozing with action, explosion, and pure doses of violence... BUT one that oddly decorated with Old English designs. I don't know, I just don't see the old English...

Number of plays: 21,970

Play Chute Defense

#25: Chute Defense


Chute Defense is an excellent tower defense shooting game that will challenge you to create the strongest line of defense you can create while taking out all of the aliens trying to invade earth. The premise is fairly common in...

Number of plays: 21,016

Play 2112 Cooperation: Chapter 1

#26: 2112 Cooperation: Chapter 1


2112 Cooperation: Chapter 1 is a three-dimensional first-person shooting game and the first chapter of the 2112 Cooperation series. This shooting game features arcade-style action, an immersive storyline, wonderful graphics and audio, and a unique split-screen interface. Your objective in 2112...

Number of plays: 20,754

Play Hardboiled

#27: Hardboiled


Hardboiled is a unique compilation of mini-games that progressively increase in difficulty as the game goes on. You'll have to complete a mini-game before you move on to the next, but you'll only have 7 lives to make it through...

Number of plays: 19,744

Play Cursor Chaos

#28: Cursor Chaos


Cursor Chaos is a mini-game intensive flash game that will test your reflexes, cognitive reasoning, and ability to destroy certain objects within seconds. Not to mention the fact that Cursor Chaos has pristine graphics, great music, and 42 mini-games that...

Number of plays: 18,989

Play Submarine vs Aliens

#29: Submarine vs Aliens


Submarine vs Aliens is a fast paced, unique alien shooting game in which you are in control of a submarine that is under constant attack by various alien enemies. You need to take out all of the enemies you are...

Number of plays: 18,845

Play Bubble Tanks Arenas

#30: Bubble Tanks Arenas


Bubble Tanks Arenas is a spinoff of the Bubble Tanks shooting game series. The game features an ambient soundtrack, simple, but pleasing graphics, and enthralling gameplay. The game also features a diverse cast of enemies, an impressive arsenal of weapons,...

Number of plays: 18,079

Play Pop Pirates

#31: Pop Pirates


Pop Pirates is a fairly basic, yet incredibly addictive arcade style vertical shooting game that uses colorful and entertaining graphics with a fun story to draw the player into the game. While in the beginning, the game feels fairly simple,...

Number of plays: 18,024

Play Gunbot

#32: Gunbot


There's a new mechanical and gun-slinging weapon on the streets - it's Gunbot! The story behind this new gun-slinger on the block is quite loose and a little strange, too. You see, Gunbot's sister (who is a beetle and doesn't...

Number of plays: 17,389

Play Galactic Rebellion

#33: Galactic Rebellion


In Galactic Rebellion, the old republic is now gone without a trace and has been replaced by the tyrannic Empire. You need to lead rebel forces to free the galaxy from the iron grip of the empire. Yeah, I know,...

Number of plays: 15,673

Play Think Tank

#34: Think Tank


Think Tank is a shooting game that takes equal amounts of strategy and accurate, quick-witted shooting. You'll need fast reflexes and a good idea of where you're going to go - otherwise, enemy tanks will take you out first. So,...

Number of plays: 15,470

Play Battle Garden

#35: Battle Garden


Battle Garden is a rail shooting game designed by 3DBBQ, the developer of the 2112 Cooperation series of shooting games. Like the 2112 Cooperation series, Battle Garden features three-dimensional graphics and fast-paced gameplay. Unlike 2112 Cooperation, Battle Garden only uses...

Number of plays: 15,245

Play Fox Fyre

#36: Fox Fyre


Fox Fyre is an addictive and entertaining tower defense shooting game in which you are at war over control of the Northern Lights. There are two game play modes to choose from; Campaign Mode and Infinate Mode. In Campaign Mode...

Number of plays: 15,098

Play Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum

#37: Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum


Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum is the seventh game in the Sift Heads World series, itself an offshoot of the Sift Heads series. This shooting game features outstanding stick figure graphics and a captivating story. Sift Heads World: The Ultimatum...

Number of plays: 15,097

Play Unreal Flash 2007

#38: Unreal Flash 2007


Unreal Flash 2007 is the sequel to the shooting game, Unreal Flash and like its predecessor, pays homage to the famous first-person shooting game, Unreal Tournament. Unreal Flash 2007 features improved graphics, ten new weapons, and over fifty customizable characters. The...

Number of plays: 15,058

Play Trickochet

#39: Trickochet


Trickochet is an adorable and entertaining puzzle shooting game that is sure to please anyone looking for a fun game that's a little on the softer side. The puzzle shooting game genre is more or less dominated by blood, guts...

Number of plays: 14,980

Play Gunny Bunny

#40: Gunny Bunny


Gunny Bunny is a high-paced shooting game. Gunny Bunny features three-dimensional graphics, a variety of weapons, and wacky, action-packed gameplay! The goal of Gunny Bunny is to massacre as many enemies as possible before losing your lives. This shooting game starts...

Number of plays: 14,970

Play Gun Mayhem

#41: Gun Mayhem


Supporting up to 4 players at once; showcases well over 60 different firearms; comes with 12 different maps to fight on; and has 4 unique game modes - (1) Last Man Standing, (2) One Shot One Kill, (3) Gun Game,...

Number of plays: 14,837

Play Ninjufo

#42: Ninjufo


Ninjufo has elements of stealth games, action games, and shooting games - in it, you'll control a ninja (piloting a UFO, hence the name) who has to infiltrate an enemy base and collect 50 boxes. Even though the storyline may...

Number of plays: 14,756

Play Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II

#43: Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II


If you loved the first installment of Pixelshock's Tower Defense, then you will surely go gaga with the second installment! In Pixelshock's Tower Defense 2, all of the good stuff from the previous version is back together with other niceties...

Number of plays: 14,598

Play Smokin Barrels

#44: Smokin Barrels


Smokin Barrels is a shooting game that takes players back to the Old West. This cowboy game features simple controls, a variety of weapons, and numerous opponents to duel. The goal of Smokin Barrels is to shoot the targets before your...

Number of plays: 14,335

Play Delivery Man

#45: Delivery Man


Delivery Man is a shooting game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. As can be expected from Berzerk Studio, Delivery Man features outstanding graphics, excellent audio, and well-tuned, challenging gameplay. Delivery Man puts you in the role of an unnamed...

Number of plays: 14,321

Play Fly Hard 2

#46: Fly Hard 2


Fly Hard 2 is the sequel to the distance game Fly Hard. Fly Hard 2 retains the charming visuals, music, humor, and upgrade system of its predecessor, but it also adds elements of space shooting games into the mixture. Fly Hard...

Number of plays: 13,646

Play Death vs Monstars

#47: Death vs Monstars


Death vs Monstars is an interesting flash game that's unlike any other you've ever played. For starters, you'll be in control of Death - and it's up to Death to stop the swarms and hordes of Monstars from taking over...

Number of plays: 13,506

Play Potion Panic

#48: Potion Panic


The idea and objective of the game is very simple: defend against the up and coming onslaught from creatures of all sorts - witches, tribesmen armed with spears, giant and fanged worms (BUT honestly, they don't look like worms), spitting...

Number of plays: 13,489

Play Frantic 2

#49: Frantic 2


Frantic 2 is a bullet-hell shoot'em up game that like its predecessor, lives up to its name. Frantic 2 features a rocking soundtrack, five difficulty levels, five ships to choose from, fourteen achievements, and frenzied gameplay. The objective of Frantic 2...

Number of plays: 12,878

Play The Arrow Of Time

#50: The Arrow Of Time


The young Prince Peep's day isn't going to well. Nah, that's not because his name sucks. The reason why he is pissed today is because he is the ONLY Whistle Knight left. And a Whistle Knight has a tall order...

Number of plays: 12,698

Play Gunball 2: Emperor's Revenge

#51: Gunball 2: Emperor's Revenge


Gunball 2: Emperor's Revenge is the sequel to the top-down arena shooting game, Gunball Arena. Gunball 2: Emperor's Revenge features similar controls and graphics to those of its forerunner along with new weapons and a plethora of new battles to...

Number of plays: 12,576

Play Gunfire Echoes

#52: Gunfire Echoes


Gunfire Echoes is a defense shooting game. This shooting game features outstanding graphics, heart-pumping audio, sixteen achievements, and a variety of weapons and upgrades. The objective of Gunfire Echoes is to defend your base from enemy forces. You are places in...

Number of plays: 12,469

Play Steam Droid

#53: Steam Droid


Simple, very addicting, and nicely done - this is Steam Droid! I have played the game for hours and I don't see anything that's awfully wrong with it... perhaps owing to the straightforward game play that it has. The objective...

Number of plays: 12,196

Play Frantic Frigates

#54: Frantic Frigates


Frantic Frigates is a casual shooting game developed by Berzerk Studio. This shooting game features lovely graphics, simple controls, twenty-seven achievements, and four challenging boss battles! The objective of Frantic Frigates is to complete the game by destroying all four bosses....

Number of plays: 12,027

Play SkyFyre II

#55: SkyFyre II


SkyFyre II is the sequel to the shooting game, SkyFyre. SkyFyre II features the same graphics and gameplay that made its predecessor a hit, but adds four new character classes and challenging new levels! The objective of SkyFyre II is the...

Number of plays: 11,558

Play Defective

#56: Defective


Defective is another spectacular shooting game brought to you by This shoot 'em up features dazzling graphics, an original soundtrack, a unique story and twelve levels of pulse-pounding action! In Defective, you play as a faulty minion that is discarded...

Number of plays: 11,356

Play Ownage Burst

#57: Ownage Burst


Ownage Burst is a shooting game that focuses on pure action rather than storylines. This action game features great graphics, intuitive controls, and addictive gameplay. Your goal in Ownage Burst is to kill enemies and advance. There is no story or...

Number of plays: 11,206

Play Droid Assault

#58: Droid Assault


Droid Assault is an action-packed arena shooting game. This shooter game features excellent graphics and animation, and a plethora of upgradable weapons. The objective of Droid Assault is to complete all thirty-two trials in as few tries (days) as possible. To...

Number of plays: 10,780

Play BLACK 2

#59: BLACK 2


BLACK 2 is the sequel to the shooting game, BLACK. BLACK 2 features the same style of gameplay introduced by its predecessor along with improved graphics and faster-paced action. The objective of BLACK 2 is to navigate the mazes, avoiding death...

Number of plays: 10,464

Play Ghosts and Grenades

#60: Ghosts and Grenades


There's something strange in the neighborhood. Who are you going to call? You won't have to call anyone if you have your own guns and grenades like you do in Ghosts and Grenades! Ghosts and Grenades is a shooting game...

Number of plays: 10,006

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