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Castle Smasher Instructions

Aim the angle of your catapult shot, click and hold the left mouse button to gauge power, and release the left mouse button to execute your shot.

Castle Smasher Walkthrough

Castle Smasher is a relatively shooting game. It takes place in medieval times, and the goal of each level (out of five levels, total) is to destroy the enemy castle with your catapult. You'll have two guards to help guard you from rogue soldiers - that escape from the castle as you're attacking it - and you'll have a limited number of stones to shoot.

That is, until you hit the castle in a certain area, and gain bonus shots. A level will be completed when you completely flatten an enemy castle, so you'll have to make sure that you don't let any rubble stand, whatsoever. And, when you do complete a level, you'll be able to choose between a few upgrades: an extra guard, for protection, bouncier catapult ammo, for more destruction, or an extra catapult boulder - so you'll have an extra shot.

Whatever upgrade you choose, the next level will be harder than the previous level, and the game will really ramp up the difficulty in the fourth and fifth levels The best upgrade you can choose is probably bouncier ammo, since you'll be able to do much more damage with just one shot, but having an extra guard is great, too - if an enemy soldiers ever gets to your catapult, and makes it past your guards, it's all over.

Castle Smasher has a great host of features, and is a great shooting game almost anyone would enjoy. While the later levels may require a fair amount of patience, since you'll have to avoid obstacles like trees, the overall concept of this shooting game shines. Castle Smasher is flash gaming at its best - it's short, sweet, and challenging.