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Castle Fight Instructions

Click piece to use with the left mouse button and drag it into place. Place piece by releasing the left mouse button. Place cannon by moving it into position with the mouse then clicking with the left mouse button. Aim your cannon with the mouse. Choose strength of shot by clicking and holding the left mouse button. Fire the shot with the left mouse button.

Castle Fight Walkthrough

Castle Fight is an excellent tower defense shooting game, but it's definitely a game that takes a little getting used to. The controls are fairly easy to understand even if some might argue they aren't explained all that well in the game. Basically, your goal is to build a solid castle to protect your generator and then try to destroy your opponent's generator. It's a simple goal, but it isn't an easy one to achieve. To win, you'll need to build a castle that's strong enough to stand up to your enemy's cannonballs, but mount a strong enough attack to destroy their generator. Both of things are equally important; especially later in the game. Without both of these aspects working together, you'll fail. The first step, though, is getting used to the controls and placing the items for your castle.

The best way to get used to the controls in Castle Fight is to just play around with them a little bit to see what works. While those familiar with tower defense shooting games are familiar with clicking things like towers or turrets in to place on a map, those who are new to the genre might have a bit of trouble. Click on the generator shown on the right side of the screen with your left mouse button and, while holding the left mouse button down, move the mouse to where you would like to place the generator. When you are satisfied, release the left mouse button to drop it into place. The cannon comes up right away. The cannon must be placed within a certain range of the generator. You'll see a line connecting the generator and the cannon. When the line is red, you're not able to place the cannon. Try moving the cannon either closer or further away from the generator. When the line turns green, your able to place the cannon. It's fairly simple. To place the pieces for your castle, you do the same thing you did with the generator except you're clicking on pieces of the castle instead of the generator. Once something is placed, you're not able to move it, so be careful. If you drop something in the wrong spot and you don't think you can work around it, you'll need to start over by clicking 'cancel'. You'll be taken all the way back to the generator. Once you have everything in place, click 'OK Play'.

Shooting your cannon in Castle Fight is one of the easier parts of the game once you get the hang of it but getting the hang of it can take a little practice. The actual controls are fairly similar to most other tower defense shooting games online, but because you aren't just aiming at an enemy and firing your weapon, things are a bit more complicated. You need to get the right angle for your shot and use the right strength because you need to not only take out their castle walls but you also need to hit their generator with a cannonball. Because you can't see your enemy's castle before you make your first shot, it's a good idea to use a direct shot at maximum power the first time. You'll likely at least damage their walls, if not take them out completely, and also get a good look at how they have their castle set up. This allows you to alter your attack to target their weak points.

There are many upgrades in Castle Fight that you can take advantage of at the end of a successful battle as is the case with most tower defense shooting games. The upgrades in this game, however, are a bit different. You can upgrade the size of your cannonball, the resistance of your walls, the distance allowed between your generator and your cannon, and the power of your cannon, but you can only upgrade them one point at a time. That can make things a bit more difficult. I recommend upgrading the resistance of your walls first. Doing more damage with your cannon by increasing the size of the cannonballs and the power with which your cannon shoots them is great, but without a solid defense, they'll do you little good. Follow that up by upgrading the power of your cannon. Even smaller cannonballs can do a lot of damage if they're fired with enough power. Just remember to adjust your shots for the extra punch your cannon packs after each upgrade. Once you've upgraded the power of your cannon, increase the size of your cannon balls. Finally, increase the distance allowed between your cannon and your generator. It's a useful upgrade, but it's not nearly as important as the other upgrades so save it for last.

Overall, Castle Fight is an excellent tower defense shooting game that will challenge you in just about every possible way. This is really a thinking man's shooting game; requiring you to find the balance between building a strong castle and planning a strong attack. In this game, building your castle isn't more important than attacking and attacking isn't more important than building your castle. You need to have a good handle on both of these things if you want to make it to the end of the game. Take advantage of the upgrades and find a strategy that works well for you. This is a great game that can be enjoyed by anyone; regardless of skill or experience level. If you're a fan of tower defense shooting games you're going to love this one if only for the chance to play a game that does things a bit differently.