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Bunny Charm 1.2 Instructions

Move left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Move up using 'w' or the up arrow key. Move down using 's' or the down arrow key. Aim your weapon with the mouse. Shoot with the left mouse button. Click and drag traps you've purchased into place using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Bunny Charm 1.2 Walkthrough

Bunny Charm 1.2 sounds like a pretty cute game, right? Wrong. In this action shooting game you are in control of a bad ass little bunny trying to defend himself from the hordes of enemies attacking him. One look at our fluffy little friend tells us he's been in a bit of trouble before what with the eye patch and all. Even so, he's going to need all the help he can get this time or that eye problem is going to be the least of his worries. The game starts off fairly simply allowing you to get used to how the game is played and using the controls to navigate through the level and shoot enemies. This is great for newcomers to action shooting games as the controls can be a bit tricky to get the hang of. You can choose from either the standard 'wasd' or arrow keys for navigation depending on which you find more comfortable, but all of the shooting is done with the mouse. Getting that down is the first step to doing well in this game, so newcomers may way to take a little time to get used to moving around and shooting before trying to take out the enemies attacking from all angles.

Bunny Charm 1.2 is the type of game you're either going to love or hate. It's a lot of fun and the premise is great, but it isn't an easy game and can get fairly frustrating fairly quickly. It's important to keep an eye on all of the important information displayed on the screen if you want to survive. At the bottom of the screen on the left you have your pause and menu options as well as the option to turn off the sound. To the right of those options you'll see your bunny's current health. Don't allow your health to run out or your game will be over. Next to that, you have the current wave of enemies. At the top of the screen, you can learn more about the enemy waves, but the icon at the bottom tells you pretty much everything you need to know. To the right of that, we have upgrade points. You can spend upgrade points to improve your stats. The three icons next to upgrade points represent the stats you're able to improve on. The first icon represents speed, the second represents damage and the third represents range. All of these things will need to be upgraded if you want to progress in the game. Spend your upgrade points to improve your stats in all of these areas. Speed will increase your running speed allowing you to evade your enemies more easily. Damage will increase the amount of damage inflicted on your enemies with each shot they take from your weapon. Range will increase the range of your weapon. Spend upgrade points to upgrade these things as soon as you get them. They're extremely important factors in surviving in this game.

Next to your stats, you have the four types of traps you can buy with the money you earn for destroying your enemies. This is one of the aspects of this game that really sets it apart from most other action shooting games online. The fact that you are able to buy and build traps to help defend yourself definitely comes in handy in this game. Each trap does something different and costs a different amount of money. Watch your money accumulate (shown in the top right corner of your game screen) and buy traps as often as you can. Place them carefully though. You want to place your traps where they will offer the most benefit. If you don't know where that is, don't worry. You'll be able to figure it out as the game progresses and you get more familiar with your surroundings and get an idea of where the traps should be placed. The first trap is the blocking box. You can use these to control where your enemies will move. The next option is the 'Poisson Mine'. These traps inflict periodic damage on your enemies and offer a medium sized blast radius. These can be great traps and they're fairly inexpensive. The explosive mines are great and inflict heavy damage on enemies, but they don't cover much ground. They're inexpensive though so if you save a little bit of money for them, you can buy multiple explosive bombs for maximum effect. Finally, you can choose dynamite. Dynamite is an excellent option. It has a two second delay but it delivers heavy damage and offers a large blast area. It's a bit on the expensive side, but it's well worth the cost; especially if you're in a rough spot.

In addition to traps and upgrades for your skills, you can also unlock new weapons with the upgrade points you earn in Bunny Charm 1.2. New weapons may offer more damage then the weapon you're armed with in the beginning or a faster rate of fire. For more information on the new weapons you can buy including the basic stats about the weapon as well as how many upgrade points you will need to spend to unlock the weapons, simply hover your mouse over the new weapon you're interested in purchasing. Choose wisely before you unlock new weapons though. Upgrade points are valuable in this game. Don't waste them.

Overall, Bunny Charm 1.2 is a great action shooting game that combines a fun premise with a fast paced and intense action. It isn't for everyone though. If you get easily frustrated with a game you might want to consider trying out a different game. This one isn't easy. As you progress you'll face off against new enemies that attack in greater numbers which makes the game much more challenging. The great thing about this game is that is offers multiple difficulty levels so regardless of what level of experience or skill you are, you'll be able to find a setting that works well for you. You might not be able to beat the game, at least not without a little practice, but you'll have a blast trying.