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Bunker - Survival Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Change weapons using number keys 1-9. Pause using 'esc' or 'space'. View settings menu using 'esc'. Visit shop using 'space'.

Bunker - Survival Walkthrough

Bunker - Survival is an excellent turret shooting game that charges you with one simple task; defending your bunker. As basic as your task is, however, actually accomplishing that goal can be a bit of a different story. Your base is in the center of the game screen and it is your job to take out the attacking enemy tanks. There are twelve different types of enemy tanks starting small and gradually increasing in size and toughness. The game starts off fairly easy. You don't have many enemies to take out, they approach rather slowly and they're pretty easy to destroy. As you progress though and meet some of the tougher tanks, things get much more difficult and fairly quickly. Newcomers to turret shooting games will probably find this game challenging right from the start while more experienced players should be able to get a bit further before the game gets really challenging for them. Regardless of skill or experience level, however, this excellent shooting game will give you the level of difficulty you're looking for. It will just be a matter of when.

Bunker - Survival offers the same basic premise that you would expect to find with most other war based turret games online. Your base is in the center of the screen and enemy tanks are attacking from all angles. You need to shoot the enemy tanks with the turret on your base to destroy them and prevent them from attacking you. You have to try to avoid letting the health of your base reach zero. The health of your base is indicated by the green bar at the bottom of the game screen. Every enemy that successfully gets to your base will inflict damage. The bigger the tanks the more damage it will do. Destroy the tanks before they can reach you. Each time your destroy a tank, you will be rewarded with money. Your money is shown at the top left of the screen. Use the money your earn to visit the shop (either by clicking on the money or by hitting 'space') to purchase upgrades to your power ups, your base and your turret weapons.

There are several power ups in Bunker - Survival you can collect as you play. These power ups come in the form of drops and will appear in various places on the game screen as you destroy enemies. Power ups include medic kits to replenish health points you've lost from your base during an attack, shields to help protect your base during attack, time boosts which slow your enemies and give you more time to take them out, and bombs. Bombs can be both small and large. The only real different in the size of the bomb is the amount of damage they will do and how far their range is for inflicting damage. The larger bomb can inflict damage on a larger number of enemies spread further apart than the smaller bomb. The great thing about this game that isn't something you'd find with many other turret shooting games online is that you're able to upgrade the power ups to make them even more beneficial. When you see a power up appear on the screen, you simply need to click on it to activate it.

If you hope to survive in Bunker - Survival you need to take advantage of the upgrades that are available to you. Like most of the other turret shooting games online, upgrades are vital to succeeding in the game. Aside from the upgrades to the power ups, you can also upgrade your base and your weapon. Weapon upgrades are great as they can significantly strengthen your attack. There are nine different weapons you can purchase, shown on the 'Weapons panel' in the upgrade store (the panel at the top right). To learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon, hover your mouse over it and look at the information panel at the bottom right of the upgrade screen. Should you decide you want to purchase an upgrade, click on it, then click 'buy' which will be shown at the bottom right of the information panel. Choose carefully. It will likely take you a while to accumulate money, so spend it wisely. You'll need the more advanced weapons as you progress in the game.

You can also upgrade the strength, defense and damage capabilities of your base in Bunker - Survival. The current information about your base is shown in the upper left corner of the upgrade screen. Your base can be upgraded five times in total, making it much stronger and capable of withstanding a much more brutal attack. To upgrade your base, simply click on the upgrade button. The current level of your base will be indicated by how many green rectangles are shown below your base in the upgrade screen. For example, a level one base will show one green rectangle. A level two base will have two green rectangles. Upgrading your base is important and will help you get much further in the game. Don't ignore this important aspect of upgrading. Below the base upgrades, you'll see the option to upgrade your power ups. Each power up can be upgraded three times. Try focusing on the base and power up upgrades first. It will strengthen your defense and allow you to reserve money for the more advanced weapons you'll need later in the game.

Overall, Bunker - Survival is a challenging, addictive and engrossing turret shooting game that will keep your attention from the beginning to the end. Newcomers to this genre of game will likely find it difficult to get through the game, but should be able to make good progress and improve the more they play. Experienced players will likely find the game a bit too easy in the beginning, but don't give up. The game gets much more difficult. The best way to get through this game is to take advantage of the upgrades available to you and keep your finger on that left mouse button. Keep firing. Make use of all the weapons you purchase and do everything you can to destroy those tanks before they get to your base. When confronted with bigger tanks and smaller tanks, focus on the bigger tanks first. They inflict far more damage and are therefore of a higher priority to remove. It might take a little time for newcomers to really get the hang of this one but stick with it. Even beginners will improve and have a shot at making it a long way in this game.