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Rating: 4.54/5 stars (95 ratings)

Bulwark 53 Instructions

Move your character with the WASD keys; hit spacebar to reload your weapon, and press the M key to use a medic pack to heal. Aim with your mouse, and shoot by clicking the left mouse button - and, as you pick up new weapons, swap through them with the 1-5 number keys.

Bulwark 53 Walkthrough

Bulwark 53 is an exciting, tense shooting game where you'll have to take on a variety of freaks, mutants, and zombies before getting off the hook. When you first start out in Bulwark 53, you'll be immediately reminded of survival horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. The game is full of atmosphere, and you'll have to explore tons of areas before you really know where you're going.

But that's a good thing - the gameplay in this shooting game is great, so doesn't really matter if you don't know where you're going - you'll still be able to shoot enemies as you please, and collect new, stronger weapons. Starting out with the pistol, you'll eventually upgrade your firepower as the game goes on - but ammo, while unlimited for your pistol, is hard to come by for your other guns. So, whenever you can, try to stock up on ammo - and make sure that the shots you take count.

If you encounter an especially difficult enemy, remember that you have an auto-fire option (hold the left mouse button down). And, when you're hurt - which will definitely end up happening - use a medic pack to slow down your heart rate and heal your character.

With zombies, freaks, and a whole host of enemies that want you dead, Bulwark 53 is a horror-themed shooting game that you won't want to stop playing until you've finished it. Even though you may get lost, it only adds tension, and makes the gaming experience that much more fun. As long as you conserve your ammo, take out enemies quickly and carefully, there's no reason why you shouldn't escape Bulwark 53 alive.