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Bullet 2 Instructions

Bullet 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Aim and shoot by using the mouse. Press the spacebar to reload. Use the W and S keys to zoom in and out respectively when using a scoped weapon.

Bullet 2 Walkthrough

Bullet 2 is the sequel to the shooting game, Bullet. Like its predecessor, Bullet 2 features awesome first-person graphics, amazing audio, and challenging stages.

The objective of Bullet 2 is to complete each of the game's stages. Upon the completion of each stage, you will be rated between one and three stars. More stars are earned for completing each stage quickly, so try to be quick! If you wish to retry a level in an attempt to earn more stars, you can do so. Once enough stars are earned, additional stages will be unlocked. You do not necessarily have to play the stages in the order that they appear. This shooting game does not automatically save your progress, but you can save the game manually by selecting the save option in the game's menu.

Bullet 2 uses simple point-and-click controls. Aim by moving your mouse and click to shoot. Some weapons are capable of automatic fire by holding down the mouse button. Reload your weapon by pressing the spacebar. If you are using a weapon with a scope, you can zoom in and out by using the W and S keys. It is a good idea to zoom in when taking long-distance shots in this shooting game.

Bullet 2 starts out easier than the first Bullet, but the challenge quickly ramps up. This shooting game requires you to be vigilant, so be sure to pan the camera and search for enemies by moving your mouse around. If you are using a scoped weapon, zoom out to look around, then quickly zoom in to take your shots. It is also a good idea to reload when you can since you don't want to run out of ammo in the middle of a firefight! If you find a level to be too challenging, remember that you do not have to play the levels in order, and you can choose a different level if it is unlocked.

Bullet 2 is a shooting game with a simple concept, but it still delivers an awesome challenge. If you enjoyed the first Bullet, or if you like shooting games with great artistic style, then you will want to set your sights on Bullet 2!