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Bubble Tanks Arenas Instructions

Bubble Tanks Arenas is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. The mouse is used to rotate your tank and aim your shots. The left mouse button is used to shoot. The WASD keys move your tank. The P key pauses the game and opens the options menu. The keyboard commands may be changed in the options menu.

Bubble Tanks Arenas Walkthrough

Bubble Tanks Arenas is a spinoff of the Bubble Tanks shooting game series. The game features an ambient soundtrack, simple, but pleasing graphics, and enthralling gameplay. The game also features a diverse cast of enemies, an impressive arsenal of weapons, user-created content, and a ton of upgrades!

Instead of freely roaming a battlefield like in previous games of the series, in Bubble Tanks Arenas, you must move from bubble to bubble and defeat all enemies present. When all bubbles in an arena have been cleared, you are rewarded with upgrade points with which to improve your tank.

Bubble Tanks Arenas is a challenging shooting game, but it can also be forgiving. After defeating enemies, you can collect bubbles that they leave behind to replenish your health. After defeating all enemies in a bubble, the bubbles will automatically be magnetized to your tank to quickly restore lost health before proceeding to the next battle. The game starts you off with a basic tank, but you can upgrade as you wish once you have earned upgrade points to buy various features and weapons. I advise increasing weapon power as soon as possible, and maintaining a quick, agile bubble tank, but you may prefer a heavier tank. Upgrading is not absolutely necessary to master this arena shooter, but it does help to even the playing field in later arenas.

If you are uncomfortable designing your own tank, or want to skip the design process and jump straight into the action, Bubble Tanks Arenas comes with some pre-designed tanks that you can select from, or build off of. Once you have a tank that you are happy with, you can save it for later use, or even share it with the world. If you do choose to design your own tank, just be sure to note that symmetrical mode is turned on by default, meaning that each item that you place will place a second item onto your tank. If you do not have enough upgrade points to place two weapons, the game will not allow you to carry out your desired upgrade. Disabling symmetrical mode will remedy this issue.

Bubble Tanks Arenas is rewarding gameplay experience for fans of the shooting game and arena shooter genres, and for those that enjoy a configurable gaming experience.