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Boxhead: The Nightmare Instructions

Boxhead: The Nightmare is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. The mouse rotates your character and aims weapons. The mouse wheel is used to switch weapons. The WASD keys are used to move your character. Finally, the number keys may be used to switch directly to a weapon. The P key is used to pause the game. These controls can be changed in the Settings menu.

Boxhead: The Nightmare Walkthrough

Boxhead: The Nightmare is the sixth installment of the Boxhead shooting game series. This iteration of the game features smaller character graphics, larger battlefields, more detailed backgrounds, improved sound effects, and a plethora of weapons, items, and characters.

The objective of Boxhead: The Nightmare is similar to older games in the series: kill all of your enemies and progress to the next level! Enemies range from common zombies which can be easily-dispatched of, to fire-breathing demons, to giant trolls which soak up damage like tanks and use their massive fists to pummel you! These enemies become more numerous and deadly as the game progresses, so there will always be an element of challenge in this shooting game.

Boxhead: The Nightmare gives you an arsenal of weapons with which to deal with your monstrous foes. Unlike previous games in this shooting game series, you are given a melee weapon. The weapon that you are given depends on the character that you choose. Having a melee weapon also means that your pistol does not have unlimited ammunition as it did in previous Boxhead games. Also, the game starts you out with a well-rounded arsenal. More powerful weapons may still be earned, and your starting arsenal may be upgraded as the game progresses.

Unlike previous iterations of Boxhead, Boxhead: The Nightmare does not reward players with items for completing levels or scoring high combos. Instead, players are rewarded with an in-game currency called "Boins". Scoring a high combo chain will reward the player with more Boins per kill. Between levels, you can upgrade your character, upgrade your weapons, and buy new weapons using the Boins that you earned during the previous level.

Boxhead: The Nightmare is a large and challenging game, but it is not impossible to master. The M-16 assault rifle is probably the most well-rounded weapon of the game. The weapon is very accurate at long range if you use controlled bursts, fires rapidly enough to deal with big groups of enemies at medium range, and deals enough damage to kill basic zombies with one hit. Upgrading this weapon will maintain its usefulness throughout the game.

Boxhead: The Nightmare is an addicting shooting game and welcome addition to the Boxhead series. Fans of prior games in the series will welcome this thrilling sequel.