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Boxhead: Biever and Baby Instructions

Boxhead: Biever and Baby is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the WASD keys to move. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. To switch weapons, you may use the mouse wheel or use the number keys to switch directly to a weapon. These controls may be modified under the configuration menu, accessed by clicking the button with a gear icon in the upper-right corner.

Boxhead: Biever and Baby Walkthrough

Boxhead: Biever and Baby is the seventh game in the Boxhead series of shooting games. Boxhead: Biever and Baby features the same graphical style and action-packed gameplay that the series is known for as well as six new maps and two new characters to play as.

The objective of Boxhead: Biever and Baby is to kill all of the monsters on each level without being overwhelmed. Monsters include rank-and-file zombies, fast-moving werewolves, fire-breathing demons, and more. Luckily for you, you have a formidable arsenal to deal with your enemies. Unlike other shooting games which start players off with only a pistol and melee weapon, you also have access to a shotgun, grenades, and explosive barrels right at the start. You can use money collected from fallen enemies to upgrade these weapons, buy ammo, upgrade your weapons, and purchase additional weapons between levels. Any unlocks and upgrades that you acquire are saved, but you will have to start from the first level of each stage should you die or start a new session of this shooting game.

The two characters featured in Boxhead: Biever and Baby are Baby and Beaver, as the title of this shooting game seems to suggest (the character's name on the select screen is "Beaver" rather than "Biever"). Maybe the developer, Sean Cooper, wanted to avoid legal troubles with Justin Bieber, who the Biever/"Beaver" (who will be referred to as "Biever" from here on) character is obviously modeled after. Biever must be unlocked after completing level five on the Forest map, but this should not cause too much of a problem since the character that you select does not have an effect on the actual gameplay of this shooting game (that is, unless you are a Belieber).

Boxhead: Biever and Baby is probably the most challenging game in the Boxhead series to date. Once you have reached level three, tougher enemies start appearing and in great numbers. Try to keep your distance at all times and keep firing to thin out their numbers. If a fire-breathing demon appears, be careful not to get caught in its flames since they can kill you in an instant! Luckily, your enemies are not immune to friendly-fire, and they can also get caught in the flames. If you can lure enemies into the fire, you may be able to conserve ammunition!

If you enjoyed the prior games in the Boxhead series, or if you are a gamer that loves top-down shooters with nonstop action, then you will love Boxhead: Biever and Baby. Whether you are a Belieber or not, you will have a blast with this challenging shooting game!