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Boxhead 2Play Rooms Instructions

Boxhead 2Play Rooms is controlled by the keyboard. Player 1 used the arrows keys to move, the '/' key to shoot, and the ',' and '.' keys to cycle through weapons. Player 2 WASD for movement, the spacebar to shoot, and the Q and E keys to cycle through weapons. The P key is used to pause the game.

Boxhead 2Play Rooms Walkthrough

Boxhead 2Play rooms is the fourth installment of the Boxhead series. This iteration of the shooting game series features eighteen arenas, an arsenal of ten different weapons and items, four characters to choose from, vector-based 3D graphics, and superb sound effects. Boxhead 2Play Rooms also adds multiplayer mayhem to the game, as players can fight the undead together in Cooperative mode, or face off against each other in Death Match mode.

The objective of Boxhead 2Play Rooms is to defeat all enemies to advance through the levels. As you progress through the game, more and more zombies will be added to make things more difficult. The game also features demons which are more resistant to damage than zombies, faster-moving, and possess the ability to throw deadly fireballs.

Boxhead 2Play Rooms, like any other shooting game worth its salt, has an impressive arsenal of weapons. These weapons are unlocked and upgraded by killing enemies in rapid succession to increase your combo score. The pistol should only be used when dealing with small groups of weak enemies, when you are low on ammunition, or to set off explosive barrels to kill groups of zombies. The shotgun is useful for close-range work, and the railgun is great for eliminating rows of adversaries from a distance. If you are playing in cooperative mode, be careful because your shots may strike your buddy!

Mastering Boxhead 2Play Rooms requires patience and skill. Charging headlong into groups of zombies is a good way to get killed. Instead, it is best to deal with zombies at range if you can, and retreat to allow your health bar to slowly regenerate. Also, be careful when dealing with explosive barrels; setting one off while you're standing to close to it will injure you along with your enemies, and teammate (if you are playing cooperative mode). If all else fails, you can select a different difficulty level, disable friendly fire, or disable fire-throwing devils from the settings menu before each game.

Boxhead 2Play Rooms is an addicting shooting game that can be played alone, or with a friend. Have a blast in Boxhead 2Play Rooms sending the undead horde back from whence they came!