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Boss Slayer Instructions

Boss Slayer is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. When using the mouse, your ship will follow your mouse cursor. When using the keyboard, the arrow keys move your ship.

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Had a hard day at work? Angry at the boss? Don't you just want to slay him or her? You probably shouldn't act on those feelings, but you can ease your stress with Boss Slayer, a Flash shooting game. This shoot'em up features simple graphics, two control schemes, and two levels of difficulty.

Instead of slaying supervisors, the bosses that you will be slaying in Boss Slayer are the big baddies found at the end of levels in space shooters. Your objective is to destroy the ten spaceships before they can destroy Earth. If you choose to play this shooting game on the normal difficulty, you will have twelve in-game days to complete this task; on easy difficulty, you have unlimited time. Your progress is not saved in this SHMUP, so you will have to start from the beginning each time that you play.

You can choose to control Boss Slayer with the mouse or the keyboard. Mouse controls may be easier for casual players to use and is the default setting. Keyboard controls, on the other hand, allow for more precise movements. You cannot change the control scheme in the middle of this shooting game, so choose wisely at the beginning.

After each running of the boss gauntlet, you will be able to use any money that you earned to purchase upgrades. Boss Slayer can be beaten without upgrades, but this is an incredibly difficult feat that only a danmaku master could even dream of accomplishing. The best upgrades for you to buy depend on your style of play. If you like to dodge bullets, then you should upgrade your movement speed first. If you are not skilled at maneuvering and feel that you will have to take a few hits, then buy additional lives. Firing rate and additional bullets per shot are great upgrades to buy regardless of your playing style.

Boss Slayer combines high-paced bullet hell action with the upgrade systems and simple gameplay found in casual games. You might not be able to slay your boss, but you can get your mind off of your hectic workplace with this splendid shooting game!