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Boom Stick Instructions

If you are looking for a fun filled online shooting game that doesn't have a complicated control scheme, then you should try out Boom Stick. The control of this action packed shooting game is easy and straightforward. To move your character to the left, just press the left directional key (or press A). For moving right, just hit the right directional key (or alternatively, you can press D). The mouse, on the other hand, is for moving your scope. Now, when you are ready to take the shot, just hit the left click button and watch as bullets fly from your shotgun and shatter enemies into recyclable particles! It's that easy.

Boom Stick Walkthrough

So what's the idea, the objective of the game, in Boom Stick? Well, this online shooting game is very straightforward. All you have to do is shoot every enemy in sight. That's it! HOWEVER, the game has a couple of twists and turns to make Boom Stick more challenging than it seems.

You see, your ammo is very limited. So to make the most out of it, here's what you should do: make sure every fire you make counts. One shot requires more than one bullet; you're using a multiple barreled shot gun let me remind you. When you miss, better pray that the next one doesn't. Some of the enemies move fast, while others are taking their time. Chase those that are slow.

Once you destroy an enemy, here's the good part: it's shattered into pieces and fall to the ground. You can then pick up these pieces and use it as additional ammo! What could be sweeter than that? Basically, as long as you destroy enemies and you are fast enough to pick up the scattered bullets, you will stay in the game.

HOWEVER, if for some reason you run out of bullets, which happened to me during my first outing in this game, then it's game over for you and you need to start again. By the way, you get more score for double kills and triple kills (this one is rare though).

Oh! And to make sure you keep up with the enemies pace, grab the power ups that fall to the ground. When you do, the power up will instantly eliminate all enemies on the screen in a moment's notice. With 21 stages or tiers (as it is called in the game) of shooting fun, you are sure to enjoy Boom Stick. Grab your tried and tested shotgun and start shooting now!