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Blosics Instructions

Click and drag with the mouse and the left mouse button to create and aim your ball. Hold the left mouse button to make the ball bigger. Release the left mouse button to fire the ball. Hit 'space' to cancel a shot.

Blosics Walkthrough

Blosics is an excellent puzzle shooting game that will challenge you to think carefully about the moves you make to find the best possible way to solve the puzzle presented to you in the level. It is unlike most of the other shooting games online in that you are not given a gun and charged with trying to shoot soldiers to defend a base. Your goal in this game is actually quite simple in comparison - knock green blocks off of the platform by shooting a ball at them. That's it. While the goal of the game is pretty easy to understand, how to actually go about achieving that goal can be quite a different matter entirely.

In Blosics, each shot you take costs a certain number of points. You gain points by successfully knocking green blocks off of the platform. Later in the game, you'll be faced with red blocks. The object is to knock the green blocks off of the platform while leaving the red blocks on. Each red block you knock off will subtract points from your score and will make it much harder for you to reach the next level. The number of points you have is shown in the upper right corner of the screen. The second number shows how many points you need to advance to the next level. If you make a mistake and need to restart the level, you can click on the 'restart' button at the center of the bottom of your screen. There are a few levels in this game you're likely going to need to restart a few times before you can succeed.

There are three types of platforms in Blosics you need to be familiar with; stone, rubber and ice. Stone is what you will be up against most often in the beginning of the game. It's gray in color and has almost brick like accents. Your ball won't really bounce off of stone and it will be harder to knock blocks off of a stone platform. Rubber is black in color and your ball will bounce off of it. Rubber platforms can be used to your advantage if you use them to bank shots off of to reach green bricks. You need to be sure you have your angle right, though. If you don't, you can waste shots or may hit stacks of red blocks; both options greatly reducing your overall score. Ice platforms are a light ice blue, appropriately, and your ball as well as the blocks on the platform will slide on the ice. You have to be very careful in levels with ice as often red blocks are on ice. Use caution. If you hit the red blocks on ice, you're going to knock them off fairly easily.

The real trick to doing well in Blosics is to simply avoid doing anything that is going to unnecessarily rob points from your score. Avoid removing red blocks. Avoid making too many shots. This game is all about thinking, planning and physics. It's actually fairly easy if you have a head for these sorts of logic puzzle shooting games. The ball needs to be big enough to give your shot the momentum it needs or small enough that it can impact the green blocks in the way you need it to without impacting the red blocks. When you first begin playing, it's likely going to take a little while to get the hang of what method you should use in what situation. In time, though, you will be able to learn what works best in each type of puzzle. There are only ten levels in the game, but getting through all ten will take some patience and probably more than a few tries at some of the later levels. There isn't a single level in this game that can't be beaten as long as you're willing to think about what needs to be done.

Blosics isn't a typical shooting game and it definitely isn't for those who are easily frustrated. This isn't an easy game and while the first two levels are fairly simple and straight forward, things get much more difficult from there. It takes patience and careful thinking to get through all ten levels in the game. Remember the three different platform types and do your best to avoid knocking red blocks off. In some levels, particularly level ten, you're not going to be able to avoid knocking the red blocks down. The trick is to knock down as few as possible and to focus on trying to knock more green than red blocks off. It is possible. You just have to be careful with your aim and the size of your ball. It's also important to remember that while you have unlimited shots, taking more shots than you have to will greatly hurt your score and may make it impossible to proceed to the next level. After all, you only get points for removing green blocks and you only have so many of them to remove. If you don't have enough green blocks left to dig yourself out of the hole and make it to the number of points you need to get to the next level, you're going to have to reset.

If you're looking for a traditional shooting game that allows you to mindlessly shoot bad guys, Blosics isn't the game for you. If you're looking for a shooting game that will challenge you to really use your brain, this is definitely right up your ally. This is the sort of thinking man's shooting game. You're going to have to keep your wits sharp and your attention on the details if you want to make it to the end. Give this one a shot and see how far you can make it!