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Bloons Supermonkey Instructions

Move the monkey using your mouse. Pause the game or open the upgrade store by pressing 'esc'.

Bloons Supermonkey Walkthrough

Bloons Supermonkey is one of the most entertaining and addictive vertical shooting games online for a wide variety of reasons. First, the controls couldn't be more simply which means even someone who has no experience with vertical shooting games will be able to play without any trouble. Second, the graphics are adorable. The game looks fantastic with lots of bright colors and cute animations. Third, the game actually gets quite difficult as you reach later levels offering you a real challenge instead of an empty headed time killer. The best thing about this game is that, unlike many of the other games in this genre, it is truly a game that anyone can play and enjoy. Although it might not have the violent content many people enjoy in shooting games, the challenging nature of the later levels will draw in even seasoned vertical shooting game players and the unique premise will only make it more appealing.

In Bloons Supermonkey you are, well, a Supermonkey. In the beginning of the game you're armed with darts which you'll use to pop bloons as they appear on the screen. In each level, you'll be given a target you need to reach if you want to progress to the next level. Your target is shown on the right side of the screen as both a number and a bloon shaped indicator to show you how close you are to achieving your level goal. The number starts off fairly low and most of the bloons you encounter will be able to be popped with one shot. As you progress, though, the number of bloons you need to pop will increase as will the number of darts it takes to pop a bloon. This is where the real challenge begins.

As with most vertical shooting games, Bloons Supermonkey offers a wealth of upgrades you can purchase with 'Power Blops'. Power Blops are little blue orbs that appear on the screen when you burst bloons. It's important to make sure you collect all of the Power Blops you can as without them you won't be able to purchase upgrades. Without upgrades, you won't make it very far in this game at all. In the beginning, your basic shooter will be enough to help you reach your level goal, so try to save your Power Blops for later in the game when things start getting more difficult and you need more advanced weapons. If you find yourself running low on Power Blops but feel you need a particular upgrade to make it through a level, keep an eye on the number of Blops you have (shown on the right side of the screen below your level goal) and enter the upgrade store the moment you see that you have enough Blops for the upgrade. Make your purchase and return to the game to reach your goal.

The best way to get through all five stages of Bloons Supermonkey is to find the balance between collecting Power Blops and focusing on reaching your level goal. Power Blops are obviously very important but all the upgrades in the world aren't going to help you if you focus all of your attention on collecting Blops and not on meeting your quota of popped bloons to reach the next level. If you focus on purchasing boomerangs, missiles, and plasma, you can go a long way in reaching your level goal while you are simply collecting your Blops. Although the dart upgrades are excellent and certainly worth owning, it's a good idea to at least upgrade until you have two missiles and three way plasma before focusing on upgrading your darts. It might not seem like the best strategy but give it a shot. You'll get much further than you expect.

Overall, Bloons Supermonkey is everything a vertical shooting game should be. The unique premise and fun graphics are only the beginning. The upgrades give you something beyond a medal to strive for and the challenging nature of the later levels will keep you hooked and ensure you find yourself playing again and again. This is the perfect game for someone looking for an intense and fast paced game without all the violence that comes with most vertical shooting games online. It's fun and light hearted while still offering a high degree of difficulty. The only real drawback of the game is that with only five stages of fifteen waves each, the game is entirely too short and you can't help feeling a little disappointed when you beat the game. Don't be surprised, however, when you find yourself starting over from the beginning to try to beat your high score. This game is absolutely wonderful and highly recommended for any fan of vertical shooting games.