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BLACK 2 Instructions

BLACK 2 is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The WASD keys are used to move your character. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. Use the Q and E keys to cycle through weapons and the spacebar to toggle slow motion.

BLACK 2 Walkthrough

BLACK 2 is the sequel to the shooting game, BLACK. BLACK 2 features the same style of gameplay introduced by its predecessor along with improved graphics and faster-paced action.

The objective of BLACK 2 is to navigate the mazes, avoiding death and killing enemies until you reach the rectangle labeled "THIS WAY". It is not necessary to kill of the enemies on a stage before exiting, but it is advisable to do so to improve your score and increase your chances of survival. There are four levels of difficulty in this shooting game, with the hardest removing the crosshair. Your progress is saved for your current session of play, but if you navigate away from the game or close your browser, you will have to start from the beginning the next time that you play.

BLACK 2 uses the same control scheme as the first BLACK. The WASD keys are used to move and the mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The Q and E keys are used to cycle through weapons. Press the spacebar to toggle slow motion. Slow motion makes it easier to dodge your enemies' bullets, but your usage of this ability is limited. The amount of time that you can spend in slow motion is indicated by the gray bar at the bottom of the screen.

BLACK 2 is not a very difficult shooting game if you play it smart. Don't rush into the middle of rooms where you will make an easy target for multiple enemies. Instead, use cover and pick off enemies one by one. Employ slow motion if it helps you to dodge bullets. Finally, you should switch to accurate weapons at long ranges and rapid-fire weapons and shotguns for enemies that are close to you. If you find the game to be too challenging (or too easy), you may want to try playing on a different difficulty level.

BLACK 2 is a major improvement over its predecessor and an enjoyable shooting game in its own right. If you found the first BLACK to be too slow-paced, then you will appreciate BLACK 2 for its ramped-up speed!