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A side-scrolling shooting game set in space, which reminds me of the good and old Macross game that I got addicted to back when I was a kid, Bitshift is played entirely with your keyboard. For basic movement, just use your keyboard's arrow keys: left, right, up, and down cursor keys. As for taking down your enemies (which is where the fun is at), just press the A button. Now, no matter how good our reflexes are, there are times that we can avoid taking hits and damage from the enemy ships. HOWEVER, here's the good thing: you can activate your shield to absorb it. To do just that, just press the S button. Another good thing about taking hits from the enemy and absorbing it with your shield is that it charges your EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)... a weapon that can create havoc and devastate all enemy units in the screen. Just in case you are unaware what an EMP can do, check out Matrix Revolutions... the scene where the ship unleashes an EMP in the Zion base. Man, it destroyed and brought down everything! OK, back to the game, that's what it does - destroy ALL enemy units. It has to be fully charged, however, to be available. Once the EMP bar is filled, hit the D button to let hell loose! Oh! And one last thing, if you need to pause the game for any reason, say you need to answer a phone call; go take a leak or whatever, just press the P button and go ahead with whatever you need to do. Just press it again to resume it and get back to the game.

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Diseased Productions - the guys from here sure know how to develop games that captivate audience of different ages and gamers from different genres. Their side-scrolling and futuristic shooting games RedShift and BlueShift set the standards within the genre. The upgrade options and mechanics, in particular, set these games from Diseased Productions head and shoulders ahead of the competition. And now, they brought BitShift to the table. It's amazingly identical to the games I have mentioned above, BUT it's MORE of a 'watered down' version.

BitShift took off most of the bells and whistles from RedShift and BlueShift. So what is left to enjoy? Simple, the core mechanic of the game and that is to shoot down wave after wave of enemy ships. While there are upgrades and power ups that you can collect to beef up your spaceship's firepower, the focus of this retro-style space shooting game is to take out enemy waves that are getting larger and more devastating by the minute. Oh! One reminder - always keep an eye on your health bar. Once your health bar runs out, it's game over and you need to start all over again.

For those of you who are having a hard time getting far in BitShift, here are valuable tips and tricks that will help you survive the nearly endless barrage of explosions: (1) You have unlimited ammunition. Take advantage of it. Hold down the A button to fire automatically and rapidly. (2) When a bunch of enemies fire, there will always be gaps between the projectiles and missiles. No matter how hopeless it looks like, there will always be corresponding gaps in their shots that where you can take cover. You just have to be EXTREMELY observant and your reflexes have to be top-notch. (3) As for your shield, it's short-lived. On the other hand, it is the only way to charge up your EMP, which is the MOST powerful weapon in the game. With that in mind, use your EMP only when it counts. (4) Always keep an eye on the power-ups that are aimlessly drifting. Just pass through them to pick them up. They are very essential in advancing especially in the latter stages of the game.

Overall, here's what I think about the game: while overall it is a nice and quite solid shooting game, it's a little weak especially when you put it side by side with its older brothers - RedShift and BlueShift. I'm someone who's appreciative of games and rarely bash one, BUT I just hate the background. It loops endlessly and things get really boring and dry when you look at it for long periods of time. Although it can stand on its own, I think this would have been better if it's integrated with the NEXT big release on the Shift series of Diseased Productions.

The upgrades are sparse and they are always the same. There are A LOT of space-themed shooting games out there in the internet. With the upgrade mechanics found in RedShift and BlueShift was taken away in BitShift, it somewhat downgraded the game and brought it to near-average levels. While still better than other 'outright boring' shooting games out there, it's nowhere near its brothers.

Summing things up, if you are looking for shooting games that you can play when you are bored and leave when you have something to do... and go back to again once you have free time, BitShift is good enough. Just don't look for the same goodies found in BlueShift and RedShift.