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Battle of New Shanghai Instructions

Battle of New Shanghai is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move your ship by using the arrow keys or WASD keys. Point and click with your mouse to activate special abilities. Press the spacebar to advance dialogue or X key to skip dialogue entirely. Press the escape key to pause the game and bring up the menu (where you can save your progress).

Battle of New Shanghai Walkthrough

Battle of New Shanghai is a top-down shooting game that combines the core gameplay of classic arcade SHMUPs with modern ideas such as upgrades. This shooter features retro-style graphics, a diverse arsenal of weaponry, and a storyline that gives meaning to the madness.

In Battle of New Shanghai, you are humanity's last hope to restore order in the New Shanghai system, a star system that was colonized by humanity in the year two thousand... something (2XXX). Artificial intelligence called Sini breaks out of control. Battle enemy forces to defeat it once again and establish peace in the New Shanghai system. You can pay attention to the storyline dialogue if you wish, but doing so is not necessary to enjoy the action of this shooting game.

Your progress is automatically saved at the end of each level, but you can also save manually by bringing up the menu (escape key) and choosing the option to save.

Battle of New Shanghai uses a standard control scheme for a SHMUP game. The arrow keys (or WASD keys) are used to move your ship. Shooting is automatic. While most shooting games of this type use smart bombs or cluster bombs that clear the whole screen, Battle of New Shanghai employs various types of technology. Use the mouse to aim and click to unleash the special abilities granted by the technological item that you are using. Special abilities should be used sparingly, however, since they drain your shields!

Like the early-1990s SHMUP games that Battle of New Shanghai is modeled after, there is a lot of action on the screen. Although the game uses a pixelated graphical style rather than modern vector graphics, it is easy to tell foreground objects from background objects and keep an eye on your ship due to the excellent use of colors. What really sets this shooting game out from the pack, however, is its arsenal. Between missions, players may use money earned on the previous stage to buy and equip new weapons. Weapons range from the standard spread-shot to deadly fireballs and helper drones. Players can also buy new ships with more shields and the ability to carry more advanced weapons systems.

Battle of New Shanghai is an excellent blend of classic and modern that is sure to please fans of the top-down shooting game genre. This shoot 'em up isn't exactly bullet hell, but there is enough action to keep veterans of the genre satisfied. If you are a fan of shooting games, you won't want to miss Battle of New Shanghai, and be sure to stop by for more exciting shooting games that are 100% free to play!

All in all, Battle of New Shanghai is a classic top-down shooter, complete with epic storyline, pixel-art graphics, 6 different ships, 6 upgradeable weapons, 6 secondary weapons, 5 unique abilities, over 50 enemies and structures to destroy, 7 unique bosses and 8 distinct stages with hand-drawn backgrounds to fight your way through.