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Battle Garden Instructions

Battle Garden is controlled by sing the mouse. Point and click to shoot and to collect items. Move the mouse to the lower-right corner of the screen to reload.

Battle Garden Walkthrough

Battle Garden is a rail shooting game designed by 3DBBQ, the developer of the 2112 Cooperation series of shooting games. Like the 2112 Cooperation series, Battle Garden features three-dimensional graphics and fast-paced gameplay. Unlike 2112 Cooperation, Battle Garden only uses one screen and is single-player only.

The objective of Battle Garden is to score as many points as possible by killing as many enemies as you can before your life gauge runs out. Your score is based on the number of enemies that you defeat as well as the accuracy of your shooting. Similar to arcade rail shooting games such as Lethal Enforcers or Maximum Force, your character's movement is automatically handled for you, so all you have to do is point and click to shoot.

Battle Garden features three weapons, a starting pistol and two other weapons that must be unlocked by reaching forty and one hundred twenty points in a single game. There are three weapons to choose from, but only one weapon is carried into battle. If you manage to unlock a weapon, it will remain unlocked the next time you play (assuming that you do not delete Flash cookies). It should be noted that although your arsenal is saved, you must start from the beginning of the battle each time you play this shooting game.

In order to excel in Battle Garden, try to be quick and accurate with your shots. Since you cannot dodge bullets in this shooting game, the only way to make sure that you avoid being hit is to kill the enemy before they kill you. You should also always remember to reload between gunfights to ensure that you are prepared for the next wave of foes. Finally, be sure to pick up health items to keep yourself in the fight longer. To pick up a health item, simply click on it.

Battle Garden is a simple and addictive arcade-style rail shooter. This shooting game is perfect for killing time since it has a shallow learning curve but still provides an action-packed challenge!