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Armor Mayhem Instructions

The controls of Armor Mayhem are a little more complex compared to simple and average shooting games out there. You need to use the W, A, S, and D keys. This will direct your marines through different landscapes. Once you spot enemies, use your mouse... click on them to fire. You will also find different jump points and teleporters that will quickly take you through different spots in the level. Aside from your standard gun, there are other weapons to be found around the level. Once you stumble upon them, just hit the S key. To switch weapons, just press the Q key. You want to hit enemies all the time. This fills your bullet time's adrenaline meter. Once filled, you can activate it by holding the spacebar. Doing so drives your marines nuts... allowing them to fire faster than usual and tearing your enemies into pieces.

Armor Mayhem Walkthrough

If you haven't checked out Loussi's new shooting game, the futuristic world of Armor Mayhem, you should! In this world, earth has run out of energy. To solve this, energy corporations have sent out teams of faceless space marines to find a new energy source. Needless to say, once they land in a planet filled with Unobtanium, they start fighting for it and blasting each other's face with lasers. And you can bet that if you send these guys to buy bread, there will be rocket barrage in the nearby grocery store.

YES, this is one of those shooting games that doesn't have any story or depth to it. BUT that is more than compensated by the frenetic and non stop action and shooting that you don't find in your average shooting game.

Every level in Armor Mayhem has one of the different and typical space marine objectives: you can play in Single Player mode, in a Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag (but in this case, Capture The DataSphere), Territory Control, and those are just to name a few. By the way, use the E button to give your teammates basic commands. The more levels you win the more maps you unlock. Not to mention you get more and more cash that you can spend on new weapons as well as upgrades.

Armor Mayhem is an excellent combination of Halo as well as Chaos Faction. Being someone who loves both of these games, I was digging Armor Mayhem right from the very beginning. As for the levels, they are well designed and the different game modes showcase a nice amount of variety. The difficulty in every level also steps up without being too brutal. Every battle will be hard fought - that's something you are rest assured.

The art style of the game is also spot on in my opinion. Jam packed with jutting angles as well as solid colors - this is an excellent change from the usual attempts at ultra realistic designs found in space marine shooting games. It's imposing BUT not very gritty. Simple BUT not cartoonish.

If you are looking for shooting games that are oozing in action right from the very beginning, Armor Mayhem is a game you have to check out.