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Angry Bees Instructions

Angry Bees is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. Move your mouse over items to collect them. The R key reloads your weapon. The number keys from 1-7 are used to select weapons and the number keys from 8-0 are used to activate powerups.

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Angry Bees is a defense game that despite its name has nothing to do with Angry Birds. This shooting game takes place in a universe of its own and features cute, colorful graphics, simple controls, and twenty-four achievements.

Angry Bees is about an uprising of worker bees that are tired of producing honey only for the King of Bees to eat it all himself. You play the role of the despotic king as you try to defend your precious honey. The storyline makes this shooting game somewhat unique since players don't get to play as the bad guy too often. It is also peculiar that you will be playing the role of a king bee when hives are ruled by queen bees in real life. Perhaps there is a strong male bias of the gaming industry.

Angry Bees is controlled by using a combination of mouse and keyboard controls. Point and click with your mouse to aim and to shoot enemies before they can reach your base and steal your honey. Your weapon is automatically reloaded in this shooting game (if you have ammunition for your current weapon remaining), but you may also wish to manually reload by pressing the R key during lulls in the action. The number keys are used to switch weapons (keys from 1-7) and activate powerups (keys from 8-0). Roll your mouse over items dropped by killed enemies to collect them.

After each wave of this shooting game, you will have access to a shop where you can purchase upgrades, new weapons, and powerups. Your starting pistol is good enough for the first three levels and will serve as a backup for the remainder of the game. It is a good idea to upgrade the clip size, reload speed, and damage of your pistol for this reason. When purchasing new weapons, it is generally best to upgrade their properties in that order as well. Weapons other than the pistol require ammunition, so remember to stock up before each wave. It is also advisable to max out your health (honey) level before starting the next wave.

Angry Bees is a game that both shooting game fanatics and defense game enthusiasts can enjoy. See what the buzz is about and play Angry Bees today!