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Air Battle Instructions

When it comes to controls, Air Battle is very easy to handle. So your mouse and your arrow keys are working perfectly? Yeah? Cool! You are all set to have some air shooting fun with this game. Use your mouse for adjusting your scope and shooting your targets. On the other hand, use the arrow keys for moving your air battler around the area.

Air Battle Walkthrough

Air Battle - the game's name says it all! Riding a machine that's lifted by a pair of balloons, you need to duke it out with other air battlers using your canons. Use it to pop out their balloons so you can finish the game without any problems whatsoever. HOWEVER, in case you run out of ammunition in the heat of the battle, worry not. Get on top of the other air battlers and use your propeller to pop out their balloons.

The objective of the game is pretty straightforward: do you see that frame (actually, it's a door) with the label "Exit" on top of it? Yeah? That's where you need to go. BUT you see, there are a lot of obstacles in the way. As mentioned earlier, there are air battlers who would do everything in their power to stop you. Along with that, there are those pins floating in mid air and carried by balloons that would make the task harder.

And of course, there are those stationary canons...very annoying canons! While you don't really need to destroy them, they can frustrate you from fulfilling your objective and moving on to the next stage. My advice? Simple, get rid of them the get go!

Action packed, comes with nice graphics, easy and straightforward controls - if these are the stuff you are looking for in a online and flash shooting game, then Air Battle is a game you MUST check out!