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A-Bot Instructions

Use your mouse to aim and control the A-Bot - click the left mouse button to fire, and hold it down to auto-fire. Click on plasma cannons and other friendly robots to turn them on or off - and, above all else, destroy everything that comes your way. Although the main objective of the game is to destroy attacking aliens, destroy passing-by asteroids will net you a serious amount of cash - so destroy absolutely everything in your sight.

A-Bot Walkthrough

A-Bot is a space-themed shooting game where you'll not only take on asteroids, but attacking aliens as well. This means you'll have to balance both enemies you'll be up against, and it can lead to some tense moments. You'll be control the A-Bot - a futuristic weapon specifically built for destroying asteroids, but not aliens. So, to help you out, you'll have plasma cannons at your beck and call.

But these, like the A-Bot, can be destroyed if they take too much damage. So, in between rounds, use the money you've earned to repair any broken plasma cannons, and any damage the A-Bot has sustained. It's the most important thing you can spend your funds on, so; above all else, make sure you're at max health.

As the game goes on, the number of aliens (and asteroids) per wave will increase, and so will your chances of being destroyed. However, if you really want to go for a high score in this shooting game, getting double, triple, and mult-kills is the way to go. If you can combo the enemies you're destroying (with the help of your plasma cannons), you'll be able to rack up way more points than you'd normally be able to.

With three difficulty settings, a horde of aliens and asteroids to destroy, and tons of plasma cannons to help you out, A-Bot is one deep space shooting game that won't disappoint. See how far you can get, or shoot for a high score; either way, you'll definitely have fun while playing this game.