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3D Micro Wars Instructions

Maneuver your ship by moving your mouse, click the left mouse button to shoot, and press the A, S, and D keys for special attacks to inflict extra damage. When you've earned an upgrade, press any one of the Z, X, C, V, or B keys to improve ship stats.

3D Micro Wars Walkthrough

3D Micro Wars is an exciting, fast-paced shooting game where you control a space ship, and try to fight off hordes of enemy ships. And, although the game says they come in waves, you'll be under a constant barrage of enemy fire - as you destroy enemies, you'll gain experience points and special attack points. Every so often, you'll be able to upgrade some stats for your ship, and you'll be able to perform special attacks by utilizing your charge bar for extra devastation.

However, this game starts out a little slowly paced, and that's because the starting stats of your ship, namely speed, are low. Once you start gaining upgrade points, upgrade the speed of your ship first and foremost, and you'll be able to take out enemies much quicker than you normally would.

And, once you've got adequate speed in this shooting game, everything else becomes easier. You can gain much more experience by destroying enemies and creating combos, called chains. Later in the game, when you have powerful weapons, you'll be able to create massive chains that will not only give you even more experience, but special attack points as well.

After fully upgrading your ship, focus more on performing special attacks. They'll make the game a whole lot easier, or, if you're looking for more of a challenge with this shooting game, don't use them at all. Either way, you'll have fun with 3D Micro Wars - the controls are easy to use, the graphics are clear and concise, and the difficulty is just right.