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Play Firefight


Firefight is a top-down shooting game where your goal is to survive for as long as possible against an onslaught of enemy...

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  • Play Raze



    If you are looking for shooting games that are beefed...

  • Play TDP4 Team Battle

    TDP4 Team Battle


    TDP4 Team Battle is an engrossing and addictive multiplayer action...

  • Play Chaos Faction 2

    Chaos Faction 2


    Looking for unique or better yet crazy fighting and shooting...

  • Play Raze 2

    Raze 2


    Raze 2 is the sequel to the highly-acclaimed shooting game,...

  • Play Highway Pursuit

    Highway Pursuit


    Highway Pursuit is a shooting game with a first-person vantage...

  • Play cronusX



    cronusX is a space-themed shooting game where you won't just...

  • Play Death vs Monstars

    Death vs Monstars


    Death vs Monstars is an interesting flash game that's unlike...

  • Play Elona Shooter

    Elona Shooter


    If you are on the hunt for shooting games that...

  • Play Operation:Onslaught



    Operation:Onslaught is a fast paced, intense overhead shooting game that...

  • Play Curse Village

    Curse Village


    Curse Village is an intense and engrossing zombie shooting game...

  • Play Boss Slayer

    Boss Slayer


    Had a hard day at work? Angry at the boss?...

  • Play SAS: Zombie Assault 2

    SAS: Zombie Assault 2


    SAS: Zombie Assault 2 is, if you haven't guessed already,...

  • Play Plazma Burst 2

    Plazma Burst 2


    One of the highest ranking games on Not Doppler, Plazma...

  • Play N3wton



    As the name suggests, this game is played in accordance...

  • Play Crazy Steam Bros

    Crazy Steam Bros


    Crazy Steam Bros is a retro-style horizontal shooter with a...

  • Play Notebook Wars 3

    Notebook Wars 3


    Notebook Wars 3 is the third game in the Notebook...

  • Play Chute Defense

    Chute Defense


    Chute Defense is an excellent tower defense shooting game that...

  • Play Cursor Attack 3

    Cursor Attack 3


    Cursor Attack 3 - this is an excellent combination of...

  • Play Combat Hero Adventures

    Combat Hero Adventures


    Combat Hero Adventures is the sequel to Combat Hero. Combat...

  • Play Bang! Heroes

    Bang! Heroes


    Bang! Heroes is an addictive and engrossing action shooting game...

  • Play Frantic 2

    Frantic 2


    Frantic 2 is a bullet-hell shoot'em up game that like...

  • Play Super Marine

    Super Marine


    Super Marine - in this online shooting game, you need...

  • Play City Siege 2: Resort Siege

    City Siege 2: Resort Siege


    One of the few shooting games that allows you to...

  • Play Super Villainy

    Super Villainy


    When Super Villainy was in its infancy, world domination was...

  • Play Bubble Tanks Arenas

    Bubble Tanks Arenas


    Bubble Tanks Arenas is a spinoff of the Bubble Tanks...

  • Play Submarine vs Aliens

    Submarine vs Aliens


    Submarine vs Aliens is a fast paced, unique alien shooting...

  • Play Asteroids Deluxe

    Asteroids Deluxe


    Every gamer out there is familiar with the original space-themed...

  • Play SpinBlaster



    SpinBlaster - the idea is to spin or rotate your...

  • Play Sift Heads World - Act 5

    Sift Heads World - Act 5


    Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro are back in Sift Heads World...

  • Play Days2Die



    Days2Die is an exciting shooting game that will push you...

  • Play Space Pips

    Space Pips


    Space Pips is an addictive and entertaining arcade shooting game...

  • Play Stick Bang

    Stick Bang


    War is never pretty but in Stick Bang, an excellent...

  • Play Shorty Covers

    Shorty Covers


    Shorty Covers is a sniping and shooting game where you'll...

  • Play Cursor Chaos

    Cursor Chaos


    Cursor Chaos is a mini-game intensive flash game that will...

  • Play Palisade Guardian 2

    Palisade Guardian 2


    Palisade Guardian 2 is the sequel to the defensive shooting...

  • Play Thing Thing Arena 3

    Thing Thing Arena 3


    Thing Thing Arena 3 - well, the objective is pretty...

  • Play Sift Heads World - Act 4

    Sift Heads World - Act 4


    Shorty is front and center in the forth installment in...

  • Play Vinnie's Shooting Yard 5

    Vinnie's Shooting Yard 5


    Vinnie's Shooting Yard 5 is a shooting game that doesn't...

  • Play Cannon Shot

    Cannon Shot


    Cannon Shot is an excellent and engrossing physics shooting game...

  • Play Adrenaline



    Adrenaline is a fast paced and intense arcade shooting game...

  • Play Starmada



    Starmada is the sequel to the shooting game, Starmageddon. Like...

  • Play Zombie Trapper

    Zombie Trapper


    Zombie Trapper is an entertaining and addictive zombie shooting game...

  • Play Vector Effect

    Vector Effect


    Vector Effect is an entertaining arcade shooting game that will...

Recent Shooting Game Reviews

  • Notebook Wars 3 Thumbnail

    Notebook Wars 3 is the third game in the Notebook Wars series of arcade-style shoot'em ups. Like its predecessors, Notebook...

  • Rot Gut Thumbnail

    Rot Gut is a noir-styled shooting game set in the Prohibition Era of the 1920's. This platform game features sprite...

  • Sift Heads: Street Wars Prologue Thumbnail

    Sift Heads: Street Wars Prologue is the introductory chapter of the Sift Heads: Street Wars series, itself an offshoot of...

  • Planet Blirp Thumbnail

    Planet Blirp is a shooting game developed by NX8, the developer of Infinite Monsters. Planet Blirp features sprite graphics, intuitive...

  • GLave Thumbnail

    GLave is a Flash game that is like a two-dimensional version of Tomb Raider (without the emphasis on puzzles or...

  • Nuclear Gun Thumbnail

    Nuclear Gun is a shooting game developed by HalfBit, the creator of the GunBall series. The turret game features simple...

  • Nuclear Plant Thumbnail

    Nuclear Plant is a shooting game that takes place in a dystopian future where nuclear crisis has devastated the human...

  • Outpost: Haven Thumbnail

    Outpost: Haven is a top-down shooting game with survival-horror elements. This shooting game features impressive graphics, excellent audio, and seven...

  • Thing Thing Arena Pro Thumbnail

    Thing Thing Arena Pro is the latest game in the Thing Thing Arena series of shooting games. This action game...

Free Shooting Games

Welcome to Shooting Games Free! Our arcade features a selection of the top online shooting games.

(Wild Wild West music goes here) The clock strikes at 12...BANG! And the other gunman goes down! If you are looking for pure doses of action, if you want to bring out the cowboy and wild gunman in you, then you are at the RIGHT place - ShootingGamesFree.org. With the top and FREE shooting games we have here, you get to experience the fun and action brought by aiming a gun and firing it to your adversaries...MINUS the hassle of course.

Whether you pride yourself as one of the best shooters online, or if you are just starting out and want to steady your hands and aim, or if you are just someone who wants to stave off the boredom and dull afternoons, as long as you are looking for the best and most challenging free shooting games, you are at the RIGHT place!

ShootingGamesFree.org - we are showcasing nothing less than the best here. For newbies, our top 10 list is the best way to get started. Only the best games make it to our top list of free shooting games. Every game guarantees you hours of action and gun-slinging fun.

On the other hand, if you pride yourself as one of the best gunmen in shooting games, then bring your A+ game and take on the MOST challenging, MOST absorbing shooting games we have here, which will keep pure doses of adrenaline pumping through you every second. Score high enough and make it to our top global scoreboards for everyone to see.

And there's no catch at all! All you have to do is register for FREE and a will to inject some action into your life. Take a look at what's waiting for you at ShootingGamesFree.org...

When Being Trigger Happy Is NOT Everything!

So you are looking for online shooting games that have depth? Games where being trigger happy is NOT the way to go? Then welcome to Hitstick 5 - our current title holder on the top 10 list. It's NOT surprising why Hitstick 5 made it to the top - this is one of the MOST challenging and intense first person shooting games you will ever play! Playing the role of an assassin, you need to complete different missions using weapons and disguises. It's NOT easy to conquer BUT that makes it even better! Warning: you can't be trigger happy in this game. Sometimes, you need to make it through a bunch of enemies with a disguise...and you can't fire at all! And there are levels where you only have one shot...one shot to take the target down.

Shooting Games FREE With A Touch Of Tower Defense

Combining the action packed shooting games genre with the addictive elements of tower defense games - Sandcastle (another chart topping shooting game) is an entertaining and engrossing castle defense and shooting game where you need to sink ships and defend your city from the up and coming onslaught. While the premise is simple, this game, depending on your experience can get difficult.

Twisted...Really Twisted

Want something twisted and for adults only (well, almost)? The Gibbets 2 - an arrow shooting game, is guaranteed to keep the fun flowing for ours to come. You need to use your arrow to save those innocent people by cutting the rope that hangs them. Make the wrong shot and the floor gets bloody!

Well, enough talking! Let's get the fun started here at ShootingGamesFree.org!